Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This mega huge superjumbo jet is going to Singapore Airlines first for a debut flight to Sydney on October 25th 2007. It will be used for flights to Sydney, London, New York, Johannesbuurg, Dubai, Doha and Tokyo. It is so spacious that there are wild ideas of having bars and casinos on board. However, the giant size will require modifications to airport infrastructure, which limits the number of destinations it will be able to fly to.

It measures at 73-meter long (239-feet) two-storey and can carry a maximum 853 people in an all-economy set-up (525 in the normal three-class configuration) and has 50 percent more floor space than the next biggest aircraft, the Boeing 747-400 jumbo.

The two years delay in delivery is down to complications with the wiring of more than 330 miles (530 kilometres) of cable in each aircraft! Scary shit!

CNA 7 October 2007
CNA 9 October 2007
CNA 14 October 2007
CNA 15 October 2007
CNA 15 October 2007


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