Monday, October 22, 2007


Kimi Matias Räikkönen has finally become the Formula 1 world champion! He started his career with Sauber Petronas in 2001. Later, he was with West McLaren Mercedes for 3 years before renamed to Team McLaren Mercedes for 2005 and 2006. He joined Scuderia Ferrari Malboro this year and finally won the title. He had finished second twice, in 2003 and 2005.

I decided I should not miss this race since this is one of the best title fight for years! During the start of the name, both Massa and Räikkönen blocked the lead from Alonso and Hamilton. Hamilton was blocked by Massa and later was blocked by Alonso who took the chance to squeeze to third place after Hamilton slowed down to avoid collision. It is fair to say both Massa and Alonso played major roles in forcing Hamilton to be pushed to the back. Hamilton was having more problems with his gearbox before finally overcame the problem.

Massa was pivotal in helping Räikkönen to win the world champion by staying close second after his last pit stop at lap 50. Räikkönen ran on more fuel as well as 3 laps longer. It was enough for him to squeeze over Massa to take the lead. Even if he doesn't, I am sure Ferrari will ask Massa to give way since he is out of the title fight anyway. In that situation, there were speculations of whether Alonso will let Hamilton overtake him if Hamilton was to reach 4th place. Will Team McLaren-Mercedes ask him to let Hamilton overtake him to win the title since he would have enough points?

Well, we all know the bad relationship between Alonso and Hamilton. Many speculated if the situation should arrive, Alonso may not give way at all. Well, he is having a high possibility of not racing for them anyway next season. This season has been plagued by enough controversies and drama. Finally, everything has come to an end. It was among the most exciting battles to the title in years.

The latest news regarding the investigation into fuel temperatures of the cars of Nico Rosberg of Williams, Robert Kubica of BMW-Sauber and Nick Heidfeld of BMW-Sauber which were more than 10 degrees below the ambient temperature had also ended. If their points are penalized, Hamilton could move from seventh to fourth in the race and will be enough to win the title. Stewards decided finally not to impose sanctions and that means Kimi is confirmed and declared the official 2007 Formula 1 world champion.


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