Thursday, April 16, 2009


This is typical in Malaysian education, mercy / sympathy marks to push up passing rates. Ask any Malaysian and they will share you great lengths of the real stories in how to create bonus marks in exams. In the long run, the country will suffer for creating incompetent graduates. Well, I guess I don't have to say will, but it is already happening and it is getting worse if this culture is not stopped. Reputation over quality? Well, something is really wrong.

Out goes the lecturer

A UNIVERSITI Sains Islam Malaysia lecturer who passed only four out of 157 of her law students claims she was forced to resign so that the university could protect its reputation, Kosmo! reported.

Nor (not her real name) said the reason she left was because she could not stand the pressure from the university management on her to give “sympathy marks.”

“How am I to give extra marks if the marks they got is what they should be getting?” she said, adding that her downfall started when she received a show-cause letter on why so many students had failed.

She was then criticised by her superiors, who also wanted her to add marks based on attendance so as to reduce the number of failures.

“I stood my ground. How could I give them marks for that when it is their responsibility to show up for classes?” she added.

The university declined to comment.

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