Tuesday, June 16, 2009


There are two gadgets I wish to buy.

1. Security camera S$4.50




The reason is because the current apartment I am living at has this irritating neighbour, it could be more than one, that is always throwing rubbish at the front of the elevator. We don't have personal chute system like Singapore. We have to personally bring garbage down by ourselves. Now, this or more neighbours will just leave theirs at the lift, sometimes giving out bad odour and at times, after the cat has gone through the garbage, it creates a very messy, ugly and dirty scene in front of the lift.

The management had put up notices but they are still doing it, eventhough the notice is placed directly above the area where the rubbish is always placed. The irritating thing is among all the floors in the apartment, only my floor has such a problem. I have decided I should invest S$4.50 to install the security camera in front of the lift to prevent all these stupid people from continuing to put rubbish there. Selfish sons of the bitches!!!

***Of course to make it look more realistic, I need to add wiring to connect to this guy if not installed on false ceiling...

2. Radar / laser detector USD20++ to 100++


This thing is not available in Singapore and Malaysia. My friend said he bought his from the States. You install this thing in your car to detect speed cameras. I am awaiting my friend for his next Amazon order and joining in to get it. As you know, in Singapore, the police give you advanced warning before you reach the speed camera zone so you will lower down your speed. It is only once in a blue moon that they operate in secret. In Malaysia, the police hide the speed cameras to catch you so they can 'settle' with you later. That's how efficient the cops here use the speed trap cameras and I believe it is their most often used tool in the entire force.

Therefore, as the saying goes, to catch a smart crook, you need smarter police. To be smarter than the police, you need to be a smarter crook. The cycle is endless. I joked with my Singaporean friend that he should just sell me his since you hardly have surprise speed trap cameras in Singapore. These come in great need in Malaysia where they are everywhere, especially along the highway stretch. They get more and more expensive depending on how many bands of radar it can detect. The highest I know of is 15 band.

**Using or possessing a radar detector or jammer is illegal in certain countries, including Malaysia and Singapore and it may result in fines, seizure of the device, or both. These prohibitions generally are introduced under the premise that a driver who uses a radar detector will pose a greater risk of accident than a driver who does not. However the 2001 Mori report suggests that radar detector users posed a 28% less risk of accident.

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