Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Must resist.....must resist......can't to heart's content

It is a pain really to see the crowd everyday crowding the durian stalls all over the town while you control yourself from not eating durian. It is like a drug. The durians are literally telling me everyday: EAT ME! EAT US! EAT ME! EAT US!

If you see it and resist, you just go home feeling the pain. You try to avoid but they are everywhere. There is no way you can hide. These evil tents and lorries are everywhere. They have come down to 50 cents last week. This is how cheap this durian season has come to.


5 for RM10, 3 for RM10. They are very common nowadays. If you go to the stall say by 11pm, it is when the cheap sales start, where you get bargains for the best quality durians, provided they are still available.


50 has been a while since I last seen the 50 cents durian! They are the cheapest but does not really guarantee to be good. They are normally the smallest durians in the range available.


5 for RM10. The rule of thumb is to never buy the cheapest and most expensive durians. This is because durians which are too small or oversized are normally not good (from experience), go for the midrange. Another good reason is you can eat more durians so the variations are higher for you to experience the range of taste. Once you buy a gigantic durian, you can't consume much before you surrender.


Everyone's searching for the cheap durians! Gotta grab them fast before they disappear. OK, I admit I stole the concept from Pokémon - Gotta Catch 'em All... I will exclude anymore nice drooling yellowish rich durian flesh in this blog for the moment. The last two posts have already got me into trouble with some friends. They called me to complain about me showing off the delicious durians that cause them to feel the sense of deprival, the sadness of not able to consume them and hence, creating the anger for the dissatisfaction which leads to angry calls to beg /command me to stop posting.

Therefore, I decided to stop and ban all durian flesh exposure from this blog for this durian season eventhough I had another really great time tasting the best durians in my life. I was really high from the great taste. Ops, another quote from someone else....this time Towelie who said You wanna get high?

Help, the temptation is too strong!!!



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