Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have two public exams to take, one conference paper to submit, many software, hardware to review and buy and many applications to fill and submit. I guess I will be busy from now till mid December 2009. Therefore, there will be minimal updates from me. Exams? The last time I have taken a serious exam was like two years back. I think my brain is extremely rusty. I need to go for a fish buffet or something to replenish and revive my dead brain cells.

So what do you think of the latest by-election result where a corrupted candidate won with such high majority? I was there at Port Dickson during my last one week trip and I have to say it's a pretty run down, dead and polluted town. I have no idea what sort of things the locals owe this candidate that they must repay him regardless of his past. Is it wishful thinking of my part to have any faith and hope left of Malaysia's future? Well, maybe it's just dumb of me to be so gullible and naive of how the whole political system works.

There will be updates if I can find some spare time. Some crucial updates like if Argentina or/and Portugal may have problems to qualify for the World Cup. You guys take care!


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