Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well, I am not giving this match much publicity like I will always do in the past. No, it is not that I am getting bored at football. I am probably too busy to wake up to watch the match or update the blog lately. I just saw my boss sending me an email like 4+am so maybe she's a football fan? Nah...

Well, on paper they both combined with the most amount of European champion titles in the entire history of UEFA. Therefore, a clash between them will definitely and surely bring the most highest anticipations ever. Not this time for me.

Real Madrid are more or less requiring time to settle down and they are still not. Their defence are still woeful. As for AC Milan, what do you expect from a bunch of has-beens old folks? The only reason I can think of now for them not to invest seriously is because of their president, Silvio Berlusconi, who is in the news lately for the wrong reasons. Although Real Madrid do have a couple of has-beens too but not as many.

Pato was the hero who got a brace while Pirlo had a spectacular goal as I heard. Real Madrid's biggest problem is defence and if they don't solve it, no amount of the most expensive players in the world at midfield or forward will be sufficient to cover that weakness.

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