Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I just came back from SLS.

A 25GB write once BluRay disc costs S$16.
A 50GB rewritable BluRay disc costs S$46.
I believe it will be not pretty soon for me to burn the BluRay disc on my machine. It's too ridiculous.

For your information, I can't find any Taiyo Yuden discs anymore, not even OEM discs of theirs under other brands. I even called Taiyo Yuden Singapore and they verified it since the focus of their factory in Singapore is not in disc production. However, I can find the Verbatim Made In Japan 50 discs of DVD+R for S$28. Good enough.

I saw Sony Rolly and it is seriously GAY! I will not buy that stuff even if Sony goes nuts and sells it off with 99% discount.

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