Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I tried last night to purchase tickets. I used my credit card and tried Lee Ling's but both had problem getting through. The system just wouldn't allow you to purchase and gave an error message. It left a phone number to contact. I called like more than 10 minutes before giving up. I thought perhaps this was after office hours so I will try this morning.

What do you know, the problem persists. I got a bit fed up since I am trying it on my office computer through a much secured and faster connection than our lousy Malaysian Streamyx. I called and waited 10 minutes. This time there was finally someone answering the call. She keeps on telling me to clear my cache. Well, I told her I have never purchased anything from Malaysia Airlines' website before so there should not be any cache memory left inside. Furthermore, I tried it on both computers which I never use to purchase any Malaysia Airlines tickets online.

Finally, she told me the system has been down since last night. I asked her what I should do then? Forget about buying tickets? She said I just have to keep on trying until I can get through. Right.....stupid solution! She also can't tell me when the system is up. I don't even know whether she is telling the truth. If I can see her right there right then, I will show her my MIDDLE FINGER! I give up arguing with her since I know there will be no outcome. I have been purchasing many tickets via AirAsia online ticketing system and it is so much faster and I have never encounter such problems.

Malaysia Airlines feel like a low cost carrier instead. What a big shame for a national carrier. Really lousy service and quality of maintenance of their online ticketing system. 10 minutes during office hours to pick up the phone? If I have a choice for other airlines for that domestic route, I will choose it. I have no other choice but to rely on the stupid airline ticketing system online. There is a Chinese idiom or saying which is "Don't wear a big hat if you don't have a big head". If you are not able to do it, don't do it. Over 12 hours of system down is an unacceptable excuse or probably there is discrimination of using foreign bank credit cards.




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