Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, the new season begins now and the first race in Bahrain will start soon. Michael Schumacher is back but not with Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are in the same team, which is the most incredible thing to ever happen to Formula 1. Who will be more powerful and influential in the team? Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso are in the Ferrari team. This could be a very interesting season. Sebastian Vettel is tipped to be the man to steal the show this season. What about the new teams coming into the race where two are from budget airline bosses? Will Lotus, Virgin and Hispania HRT all falter or at least one or two of them making an impact in their debut season?

We heard of the new points system, the tyres usage and refueling rules for the new season which will make the season very challenging and complicated. We could end up having a very unpredictable season since so many new factors will be added to the most expensive sport in the world.

Will Michael Schumacher again be the force to be reckon with? Will he need time to chase the current top drivers? Well, we will have a sneak preview of what to expect for the new season soon. I just hope that all these new measures will increase the excitement of the race and not make it more boring. Anything can happen, only time will tell!

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