Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well, he wants to win titles with clubs in the four different leagues of the Portuguese Liga, English Premier League, Italian Serie A and now the Spanish La Liga. Ironically, La Liga was one of Mourinho's earlier managerial career destinations as an assistant but he has yet to win anything there by himself. It will also be interesting to see him becoming the coach of Real Madrid instead of Barcelona FC, where he worked under van Gaal and Bobby Robson.

The dude is just 47 years old and I have to admit that his experience with different leagues really made him probably the most versatile coach up there with Fabio Capello, who is 63. Capello only managed in two leagues but he is now a country coach. He had probably won more titles with more different teams but in just the Italian and Spanish leagues. Therefore, as much as I can't stand Mourinho's sarcastic remarks and opinions, I have to admit he is up there among the legendary managers of this era. I guess if Mourinho, like Capello, cannot manage Real Madrid, I'm afraid no other coach of this era can. The team needs someone with great authority like them to push the team's discipline and teamwork to get effective results. You can't win by default with just money alone as been proven by Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester City. You need a conductor who can bring the whole orchestra together to generate a magnificent performance.

Will The Special One succeed? Well, only time will tell. If he does, I hope the stupid management of Real Madrid will not just sack him like how they did with Capello. Capello was effective but the management was impatient with the arrival of the 10th Champions League crown.

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