Thursday, September 22, 2005


Real Madrid will face Athletic Bilbao in a MUST WIN situation. I see Luxemburgo as pressured as Souness this season. Both are having difficulties to win this season! This is the worst thing about football. You won't wish the clubs you support are in such difficult situations where they cannot win. Another defeat will see Luxemburgo getting closer to the exit door. Although Real Madrid is having a tough bad luck period with the refereeing system, I don't see that as an excuse. If you can't score in 90 minutes, there must be something wrong with your team. For more than that, you seriously need to find the problem fast. Although the mistakes made by a referee per match may result in a goal or two. You cannot focus on the wrong things and put your blames elsewhere.

For once, the stubborn fellow finally will return to the traditional 4-4-2 system and have wingers around. Seriously, playing players out of positions is never a good thing, especially if you are playing so many of them out of positions per match. They let in so many goals from dead balls (especially high balls) this season now that they are actually tackling such an issue in training-which is a good thing. Luxemburgo is finally facing the problems straight on! Woodgate may get his debut tonight. It is scary to think of him playing again. It is a very nervous occassion. I hope he comes out of the match in one piece. I hope the team gel fast! Time is running out for more unconvincing matches with no goals and more defeats.

Barcelona drew with Valencia, Juventus, Milan and Inter all won their matches. The interesting thing is to see Vieira scoring for the Old Lady and Samuel to score for Inter from a Figo cross. They must be much more happier now with their new club. I'm sure they are settling down quite well. Kaka was again on the scoresheet last night. It's good to see the old Kaka back again after a very quiet last season in Milan.

The most shocking thing in the La Liga now is having Celta Vigo on top of the table after just being promoted this season to the top league. They just won against Villareal. Celta Vigo suddenly turned into the Real Sociedad of a few seasons back. They are the dark horses! Villareal themselves, who were the dark horses of last season by playing some of the most exciting football in Spain, is now at the bottom of the table. It is very shocking indeed.

Sol Campbell's return to Arsenal brought a two goal man-of-the-match win for him. Wenger must be rejoicing and so will Eriksson. At least now he has more options for England in defence. Barcelona seem not to be having a smooth start this season either like Madrid. At least they don't lost as badly and drew more. Milan too seemed to be having the same form as Barcelona. Only Juventus, Chelsea and Bayern Munich are winning matches like there is no tomorrow! Their new season is as smooth as ever up to now!


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