Monday, August 22, 2005


Well, well, well, is this the repeat of the Charity Shield match? I will think so. Since I am living in Holland Village, which is a night life area, I will expect alot of coffeeshops or restaurants or bars/pubs that will have LIVE football to watch. That will save me S$15 a month to subscribe to sports channels on cable tv. Indeed, there are many of them and the best part is that there is a kopitiam which is only 3 mins walk away from the block I stay in. How cool is that? It is just that there are too many smokers around so by the time you reach home, you really need to consider taking a shower.

Drogba did the damage again but what a shocking goal that is. What is more worrying is Ljungberg's injury. I hope he is ok. I was only watching the second half because I had alot of work to do. Arsenal did most of the attacking but the finishing was weak. Not sharp and hardly able to go into the penalty box. That free kick resulting in a goal was a shocking way to win. Lehmann should have got that soft kick easily.


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