Monday, October 24, 2005


All 13 episodes are done. I love it but the root of the storyline linkage to the 1st part came so damn late. The fighting scenes especially when Arbalest used the full Lambda Driver at the final episode was too short. The beauty of Lamda Driver in battle is magnificent. Sagara Sasuke had finally been able to control it to its ultimate glory from a mere defence shield to a total offensive power. I wished they had shown more. I wish it was 26 episodes like the 1st one. Mikuni Shimokawa is again making great themes for this anime and I want her for all the future installments.

Still, it is a good one and it will surely make the fans scratch themselves and crawl the walls to wait for the next installment. Abit too 18SX and too much bloody violence for general audience viewship though. Chidori Kaname still don't have the guts to confess to Sagara Sasuke. Only that Captain Teletha Testarossa had the guts to confess. They should also improve the Arbalest design. Venom is a great beauty though. Overall, great anime!

I think this anime is worth all the watch for me seeing how pathetic the Naruto side stories had made it so stale and boring. It surely destroys the reputation and quality of Naruto. All those fillers are like shit! It makes Naruto looked like a cheap and childish anime now. The manga however kicks ass!


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