Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Arsenal VS. Juventus
Benfica VS. Barcelona
Inter Milan VS. Villarreal
Lyon VS. AC Milan

Surely, we know who are the favourites and who are the underdogs. The most interesting clash has to be the first on the list when a former player is coming back to pay a visit.

Arsenal go into the match knowing Juventus have the edge in terms of age and the experience in playing in Europe for all these years. Age may benefit Juventus but speed will be on Arsenal's side for all the younger players they have. Surely speed and stamina is what Arsenal must make full use of.

Patrick Vieira is coming back to visit Highbury for the very last time. I am sure he moved or was forced to move (whichever way you believe the news reports) to have a great chance to advance in Europe to win that trophy that he always failed to get when he was with Arsenal.

I am sure he is as surprised as Real Madrid when they met Monaco with Morientes. Who will have the last laugh? This also reminds me of Owen when he left for Real Madrid when Liverpool won the Champions League last season. This will surely be an interesting clash in that manner. It will go down the same pattern as the both cases I mentioned earlier. That is if the coincidence will be there to compare. It looks likely and there is a chance that fate will repeat itself.

Benfica, Villarreal and Lyon has nothing to prove at this point. They are already the dark horses of this competition and everyone knows how dangerous they are if they are taken lightly. Villarreal for all you know, had been impressive last season. Lyon had shown they are capable of dethroning giants with ease. As for Benfica, I see it as a reunion between Koeman and Rijkaard as two of Dutch's great players of all time. I don't know whether they ever played together as club team mates. I know Koeman coached and played for Barcelona before. It is a reunion for him too.

Arsenal should get a slim win at home.
Barcelona should be able to win slim away.
Expect Villarreal to win away too!
I predict the Lyon-Milan encounter to be a draw.


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