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How many goals will be scored? Who will win?

Who is in the G14 or should I say G18?
AC Milan, Ajax, Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Lyon, Manchester United, Marseille, Paris St-Germain, Porto, PSV Eindhoven, Real Madrid, Valencia (18 clubs?)

Who is in FIFA?
Fifa president Sepp Blatter

The scenario:
The brotherhood of the richest in Europe (which excludes Chelsea and AS Roma) is helping to fight a court case with Lyon against FIFA.

They claim Fifa's rules, which stipulate clubs must release players, violate European laws of competition. G14 director Thomas Kurth described the situation as "an abuse of a dominant position by a governing body."

The action was triggered by the injury sustained by Lyon's Eric Abidal, who broke his foot playing for France in an international friendly against Costa Rica in November.

Lyon released six players to France for that friendly. Their president, Jean-Michel Aulas, said: "On average, our players have been away on national team duty for 500 days per year.

Aulas is suing Fifa for 1 million euros (£675,000), with G14 offering its support and financial help with the legal fight.

Kurth said the right to compensation is a motivating factor behind the writ against Fifa that they have issued to the Lyon High Court.

G14 is also supporting Charleroi's legal fight for financial help after Abdelmajid Oulmers was hurt playing for Morocco.

Under Fifa regulations, it is mandatory for clubs to release players for international matches which appear on the Fifa calendar, including friendlies.

The crux of the matter is that clubs who, as the players' employers pay their not inconsiderable wages, fear losing their stars injuries sustained on international duty.

Earlier this season Arsenal's Gael Clichy fractured his foot playing for France while Barcelona's Mark van Bommel was injured playing for Holland, though neither club opted to seek compensation.

My opinion?

Both parties are in the wrong but I for one agrees FIFA's Sepp Blatter is the cause for all this shit. Everyone sees the G14 as evil devils for using the economic might to bully FIFA's authority as world football governing body. I for one felt that we are lucky we have rich clubs. If not, Blatter will turn into a Hitler.

Just look at the amount of rubbish international friendlies and worthless tournaments mushrooming out for the past few years. Who the heck invented all these rubbishes? For what? To gain some financial worth? To get publicity? The timing and schedule of those worthless and useless matches are always under question. Can't you play all those shits during off season? Can't you see how packed the season already is? What for having worthless friendlies when the country cannot put 100% effort for the players, the strength and soul to play? Why bother to organize such matches?

The club are paying for the players and releasing them for national duty as FIFA had ordered. If they are injured, can't the employees ask for some compensation? They play for the country for FREE! Loyalty? Get over with that. How many players you see nowadays are playing for adopted countries? All those national spirit is bull crap. It is all rubbish. If you argue to that extent, why don't you argue that every single club in a particular country must have at least 50% of its original nationality players? Arsenal is the best example of total non-English club, although you can argue about Ashley Cole and Sol Campbell but they have not been playing for ages. Spanish La Liga has this maximum 3 non-EU players policy but racism is so bad there.

The point is FIFA should get some insurance policy for players playing for countries. Look at other sports. How many stupid tournaments worldwide do they have? NBA never has this problem. It is the stupid system which is causing it. All those FIFA crap ideas to generate own income and popularity. This is Sepp Blatter's dictatorship control policy.

Let's face it. FIFA is making use of the fame and popularity of the players to generate income. Without them, the tickets won't sell and the matches will not give them a handsome profit. Don't be so stingy and share some burden!


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