Thursday, August 28, 2008


OK, I have to admit here that I am a fan of Andy Lau since primary school days. I guess he sings less these days and most of the new songs suck. I had always complained to Lee Ling that this guy is so busy with movies he doesn't want to perform any concerts lately. Yes, I don't remember him coming to Singapore since I studied here. She said making money through movies is less hectic and tiring than organising concert tours. Well, maybe she's got a point. They said he returned after five years so that is quite a long time since.

Well, 12 Dec 2008 he is coming to Singapore for the concert. I just read it in the news today and I am surprised! His concert tickets are bloody expensive, starting at a higher price than any other singers standard pricing at S$118, then S$158, S$178 and all the way up to S$198! Is he going to Malaysia? Paying in Ringgit could be a lot cheaper! Should I invest on the higher ticket prices? I was worried that I could not attend the concert since I know I will flying home around that period of time. After checking the booking, I am relieved that I am supposed to fly back on the 13th December 2008 afternoon for my own wedding.

I will definitely try my best to go, even if it means I have to go alone!

Andy Lau Wonderful World Tour 2008 SINGAPORE

Andy Lau Wonderful World Begins Here

Cantonese & Mandarin

Andy Lau is back! The No. 1 idol in the Chinese entertainment scene, Andy Lau, returns after five years to the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 12 December 2008 with his “Andy Lau Wonderful World Concert Tour”.

The tour kicked off in September last year and has to date successfully conquered 16 cities, selling out every venue and lauded by many for its brilliant staging, lighting and special effects.

Come and be entertained by Andy Lau as he belts out his chart-topping hits such as “一起走过的日子” (The Days We Spent Together), “忘情水” (Forget Love Potion), “中國人” (Chinese People), “笨小孩” (Stupid Child), “愛你一萬年” (Love You For 10,000 Years), “你是我的女人” (You Are My Woman), “男人哭吧不是罪” (It’s Not A Sin For Men To Cry), “Everyone is No. 1” and many more in this highly anticipated concert that you definitely do not want to miss.

The event is brought to you by UnUsUaL Entertainment.


阔别了 5 年,让歌迷期待已久,华人世界永远的第一偶像 刘德华 将在12月 12日回到新加坡室内体育馆开唱。

“刘德华 Wonderful World 世界巡回演唱会” 从去年 9 月开始起跑,并且以成功征服了16个城市,目前已有上百万人观赏到这场精彩的演出!

除了让人赞叹的舞台设计及超玄的灯光效果之外,刘德华也将呈献多首脍炙人口的歌曲如“一起走過的日子” 、“忘情水” 、“中國人” 、“笨小孩” 、“愛你一萬年” 、“你是我的女人” 、“男人哭吧不是罪”、“Everyone is No. 1”等。

演唱会是由UnUsUaL Entertainment 带给您。


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