Friday, April 01, 2005


The official day NUS is celebrating its 100th birthday on the 25th June, 2005. Each member of the 40,000 campus community can look forward to receiving a Centennial memento – a Centennial mug, in the bright University colours of blue and orange. Sounds like Tiger Beer to me. I just got myself one about a week ago. There is just one complaint about the whole design of the mug. The 100 on the ear is really ugly to me.

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A Centennial Celebrations Logo has been designed to serve as the visual symbol for NUS' 100th year celebrations.

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The NUS Centennial logo is a composition in three colours:
The NUS golden orange denotes ascendancy, vibrancy and vitality
The NUS blue represents dignity, timelessness and endurance
Gold represents excellence, the pursuit of which has been and will continue to be a hallmark of NUS

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The logo incorporates the theme for the Centennial celebrations – Unleashing Minds, Transforming Lives – which expresses the impact of NUS' endeavours since its founding in 1905. As suggested in the transformation of “100” into an infinity symbol in the orange logo centre, NUS has transformed countless lives in its first 100 years and will continue to do so for a long time to come. The energy suggested by the forward and upward movement of the orange curve signifies the relentless pursuit of excellence, as symbolised by the ascendant golden star.


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