Monday, February 06, 2006


I watched all three of them. Here are my comments.

I thought this is still a great movie although people told me they get so bored with the fighting sequence. This is like Ong Bak where you fight from the start to the end of the movie. Yeah, it was said to be Jet Li's final martial art movie so he is given all the fighting he desires. He gets to fight to his heart's satisfaction.

His moves are definitely artistically appealing. Therefore, Jet Li is the best and most suitable candidate to play the role of the legendary martial artsmaster Huo Yuanjia (1868-1910). Huo Yuanjia is basically someone who loved martial arts so much that he dedicated his whole life to it. He wanted to be the best in the world so winning fights after fights was the only thing that mattered most to him.

He turned arrogant and pride overtook him but the death of his beloved family members made him a totally changed man when he was rescued by some rural villagers when he wondered around aimlessly. He learnt some values in life, came back to his city and battled with the Westerners who looked down on the Chinese. He was finally poisoned by the Japanese. I read different versions of how he was killed but all versions agreed that he was poisoned by the Japanese. I heard one of his disciples was a legend as well.

I still think some of the moves are too gravity defying to be realistic so perhaps some are computer generated. Well, if you love the art of fighting, you will love this movie. It is abit too violent for general public viewing but still, you need some brutality in a kung fu movie. Those who go to Jet Li movies are those who can appreciate his martial arts. He was a shaolin so he has real Wushu skills. Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung were more from the performance martial arts Chinese clan.

My Kung Fu Sweetheart
I watched this more to spend time in the cinema for the sake of Chinese New Year mood. Since I don't like any of the actors or actresses, I won't be expecting much from the movie. Yes, it is the worst among the 3 movies here. It is too childish, more suited for kids who likes simple comedy and fantasy kind of storyline. If you have no more movies to watch and feel bored, this is good enough to kill time.

The Shopaholic
I watched this movie for the sake of Lau Ching Wan. He is always given the title of Mr.Bean of the east. Yes, this movie was much better than expected. Although it is meant to be a comedy, but it is great in playing the roles of matching love with different personalities. Personalities here meant people who has different mental sicknesses. A shopaholic, a thrifty millionaire, a bargain hunter and a undecidedable doctor. How can all four different personalities match? It is a good movie which focuses on psychology with a humour twist. Worth your time and I ended up very confused. It is still good. This movie is a must to all those arts and social science students majoring in psychology. :)


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