Sunday, February 05, 2006


Hello dudes! I am so outdated here. Hehe! Been home for the Chinese New Year break and updating with friends back home. Sibu had a great midnight blast that was so great. There were no regrets coming back this year. It was one of the finest blasts for the past 5 years. My neighbours go for 7-10 rows of firecracker but I only blasted two rows. I had recorded tonnes of videos during midnight in 320X240 and 640X480 resolutions so I can share with anyone who wanted to witness the Chinese New Year sky blasting ceremonies in Sibu. Hehe! I am so detached from the football world, I have no clue what had gone on for the past one week plus.

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I am back in Singapore, briefly met Shevy in Kuching during my transit. Met many friends back home and it's time for some updates. Will need to catch up with my football news first. So this is the feature that will determine whether the league leader, Chelsea is chasable. Therefore, a defeat to Chelsea will bring joy to the entire league and an unhappy Mourinho who still think nobody can ever stop them.

However, Liverpool have not been consistent of late so it is hard to give them any advantage going into the match. I just saw the news of Fowler coming back to Anfield. Liverpool fans must be cheering him now! I wish Liverpool will win this match but Chelsea won't be easy to beat at home.

Many things happened since I was away. Souness was sacked finally. Roma have been scoring goals like there is no tomorrow since Cassano left them. The sudden change of fortunes must be welcomed with great joy by their fans. Barcelona's winning streak came to an end. Shearer hit the goal to become the record goal scorer for Newcastle. Sol Campbell with his alleged personal problem but I hope he will be back soon.

Apart from that, Champions League is coming soon on February 21st and 22nd and I am hopeful Real Madrid will be ready by then. Still, the bigger matches go to Chelsea VS. FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich VS. AC Milan.

The match schedule for the two legs of the last 16 to be shown on local tv is already out:
Feb 21 2006:
Real Madrid VS. Arsenal
FC Bayern Munchen VS. AC Milan

Feb 22 2006:
Werder Bremen VS. Juventus
Chelsea VS. FC Barcelona

Mar 7 2006:
Juventus VS. Werder Bremen
FC Barcelona VS. Chelsea

Mar 8 2006:
Arsenal FC VS. Real Madrid
AC Milan VS. Bayern Munchen

Seems like great features to me but how are they going to show two same matches on the same day is still unthinkable for me. I think perhaps one match will be shown as a delay telecast.


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