Thursday, May 04, 2006


Simple. The ability to change fast when new technologies are here. Seriously, who is the fastest in the market to adopt the new generations of hardwares and softwares when they arrived? Look at the current Intel Core Duo processor for both desktop and laptop, who else have use them as fast as them? When I checked with Dell, multicore will be out soon and they are preparing for the change! Incredible!

They also discard and replace any computer parts manufacturers according to who is currently the best in the market. For example, NEC and Toshiba are tested to be the current best DVD Writers/Burners and Dell is using NEC. That's the cool part!

Now, service. This is what will be really important. Let's compare with IBM now that I have a real comparison. Most Chinese nationals love IBM and in my university, you will always find them carrying IBM. NUS takes IBM, Toshiba and Fujitsu contracts so students can buy them at an attractive price. Attractive you may say but when I check the specifications, you can buy a better Dell with the same price.

Dell is competitively priced and even have the policy that if you can find the same specification in the market to be priced lower than them, they are ready to lower down the price to meet the same amount! How cool is that? Right now, perhaps Acer has the best price to compare to Dell in the market but I heard about Acer engineers in Penang not even trusting and buying their own products, what more I have to say? I had repaired many Acer products in the past and had really bad experience.

Let's get back to services. I burnt my adapter's earth pin of the socket last semester because I guess the power supply switch that I used in my landlord's house is faulty. Therefore, I called Dell and they came the next day to repair on site. Mind you the warranty I bought is to cover Malaysia only and they don't have a problem repairing for me for free eventhough I am outside Malaysia!

Next, yesterday I realized my battery is dying so I decided to call them again and they sent a person to my office to replace for me. I was not in office but in hostel. No problem, they drive all the way to my doorstep to replace on the spot. What kind of service is better than this? You tell me.

Ok, in comparison-IBM. One of my China friend, Max from real estate is sitting in the same office as I do in NUS. His laptop's screen died on him about a month ago so he decided to bring to the IBM repair centre in campus to have a look. They whole thing took 1 week to repair. They even wanted to charge him for servicing eventhough it is still under warranty. I told him to fight for his right and don't let them give him all the funny excuses. According to them, the charges are meant for parts not covered in the warranty, which is the external casing or watsoever. I told Max that he did not even tell them to repair what casing and therefore did not require to pay for those unnecessary parts!

Well, one week later the laptop is back and according to IBM, they had replaced his motherboard and hard disk. Now, you tell me what has a dead lcd screen got to do with all those? Well, nevermind. After using few weeks, he encountered the blue screen everytime he shuts down. He called IBM and they said either you bring to the NUS repair centre or if you need it faster, send all the way to their repair centre at Changi Business Park. Now, we are currently in Clementi, which is the west side of Singapore and Changi is like till the extreme east end of the island. It is definitely too far.

He brought it to the student repair centre and I guess they formatted the computer for him. They promised to finish it on the same day but dragged on for another few days. Now, this third time, his dvd-rom is unable to be detected and he called IBM again. Again you need to follow the same procedure.

Now you tell me, just through this, how much time is wasted for him to repair his laptop parts in IBM? I am very furious because looking at his laptop's inability to detect the dvd-rom, it just show you how lousy their services are to not even see that when they do the repairing and reformatting. How can they miss such an important thing? That is really unacceptable. In addition, they cannot even send anyone on site to check and cut down the time wasted for the laptop. This problem had caused my friend alot of time wasting as well as many backing up of information. This third time, I wonder how much longer it is going to take.

Now, has that answer you the difference of why Dell is currently the world's no.1? I hope they keep up their good image because the world really needs such a good company to service the computers. I will always recommend Dell to anyone (I had bought over 10 systems so far for friends and relatives) and not hesitate to buy Dell myself as long as they keep up what they are doing now!


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