Tuesday, August 28, 2007


It has been released and looking scarily fierce! As I decide on the Digital SLR to invest perhaps next year, I am looking at the Nikon D80 but will not forget about this two if their price is not crazily beyond my budget. I never own a Digital SLR before and it is time for me to invest, apart from a dream to own an Apple laptop as well. I am sure D3 will surely be out of my league so I will not consider that.

DPreview Nikon D3
DPreview Nikon D300

Some crazy features I should emphasize here are:
D3: Full frame (36 X 24mm) sensor, 12.1mpixels (FF), 51 point autofocus, 9.0fps, 64 frames (up to 11 fps with DX format (5.1mp), 3.0" 922K pixels + Live View LCD monitor, ISO 200-6400 (with boost up to ISO 25,600), power-up 12ms, shutter lag 41ms, black-out 74ms

D300: 12.3mpixels, 51 point autofocus, 6.0/8.0 fps, 100 frames, 3.0"922K pixels + Live View LCD monitor, ISO 200-3200 (6400 with boost), power up 13ms, shutter lag 45ms, black-out 100ms

I am sure photographers out there are rejoicing.


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