Thursday, March 06, 2008


Well, after two days of competition, top Champions League holders Milan and Madrid crashed out of this season's competition. They were well beaten both at home. For Arsenal, I would say the Fa-Fla partnership worked wonders in the midfield to kill off Ka-Pir partnership. Milan have probably the oldest defence in the world. It is time they seriously think of how to renew it! For Roma, it must damn sweet for Cicinho. I am a great fan of Cicinho and was extremely saddened by the exit of him in favour of old Salgado. Well, let's see if Schuster can savage anything left for the season.

Chelsea won 3-0 convincingly while Porto lost the shootout against Schalke 04 on the same day. Barcelona managed a slim 1-0 win against Celtic by paying a price of having Messi injured. Sevilla FC went out on penalty shootout too. Finally, Cristino Ronaldo was on target yet again to bring Manchester United through. We still have to wait for Liverpool to play the match out hosted by Inter Milan. Can they repeat what Arsenal did there?

From now on, it seems like the Champions League is pretty much an open competition. I can't really say who are the favourites now. It is very much balanced. It would feel like a English Premier League if Liverpool qualified as well. England will be proud if that happens.


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