Saturday, March 08, 2008


After winning the lucky draw for the one night stay at Marina Mandarin Singapore which I shared in a post earlier, I won another 1 of the 100 draws by joining Gatsby's Move With Style Contest. I remembered vividly how I ended up joining this contest. I was looking for the Moving Rubber product in Jusco when this lady who is promoting it encouraged me to join. She said just try your luck, you will never know you can end up as one of the winners.

I like the Moving Rubber as it has a wide range of products to cover all kinds of hair length and style. The style map is a good overview of all the ranges available. I bought the purple Wild Shake earliest but it was abit too hard. You need a litre of shampoo to clean your hair. I like it though as it gives you the most versatile strength to shape your hair style. That's why I decided to go for something softer and decided to buy the apple green Air Rise. This is the one I bought which caused me to join in the contest. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a little bit too soft. I decided my third try will be to get the in between. Thus, I just bought the grey Grunge Mat recently.

I also like the fact that they teach you how to style your hair based on the different ranges in both photos and videos.

1. Pink Spiky Edge
2. Purple Wild Shake
3. Orange Loose Shuffle
4. Light Blue Cool Wet
5. Grey Grunge Mat

Now, you can also shape a nice hairstyle to your taste! Of course when they showed the ads on tv, I almost died of gay syndrome. Check the gay version of Takuya Kimura.


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