Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Many asked me such a question. Well, I pretty agree that if I am to vote, I will be very much choosing a candidate or party which reflects equality, fairness, transparency and accountability. I agree with the view of The Christian Federation of Malaysia. Alright, I am not a holy person here but I agree with their outlook very much.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia has joined the fray by telling Christians to vote for candidates whose political views and policies "reflect God's standard and Christian values."

"Pay attention to their past performance and for their stand on issues related to constitutional rights, civil liberties and the freedom of religion," the nation's biggest church group said in its election message.

To me, to achieve what I want above, every race, religion, culture and background have to be equally if ideally, if not, at least well represented in the parliament. It is only then that there will be check and balance as well as equal sensitivity to everyone's needs, feelings and situations.

Finally, the other criteria is whether the country's interest is put above and higher than self interest. Whether the candidate or party is thinking of the long term future of Malaysia as well as the next generations. Whether their plans are sustainable, making sense and not just gimmicks to lure votes for the coming election. Of course, this is more tricky and harder to identify. Still, you can easily make a decision based on their past records on past projects and promises. Who is a bigger liar?

With all that in mind, you will guess easily who I will vote if given the chance.


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