Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RM4.50 (S$1.875) A DAY

What can you eat with RM4.50 a day? A simple dish of fried noodle or kueh tiaw in Johor Bahru will cost you RM4 average. If you look hard enough, you may find RM3.50 a dish. That's the amount allocated for food to each detainee in the lock-up in Malaysia. I am surprised they don't know this. Then, who plan for the budget? The allocation is 60 cents for breakfast, RM2 for lunch and RM1.90 for dinner. What can you eat? Boiled eggs, anchovies and some nuts maybe. In Singapore, the cheapest and simplest plate of noodle you can find is S$1.80.

It is just incredible that they are given such low allocation for food! They think this is still the 1960s.


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