Tuesday, September 09, 2008

SGD1 = RM2.38

Since my undergrad days in Singapore in 2001, I can recall the highest exchange rate I have ever seen to be SGD1 = RM2.38. In those days, the rate was SGD1 = RM2.07 average. Yesterday I saw this rate again after many years. Last few months the highest I had seen was SGD1 = RM2.37 and RM2.375. It went down after that.

Can it ever break the record and go higher now that it reached the critical mark of RM2.38? Well, it is possible. It will be a new high if the rate go to SGD1 = RM2.385 and beyond. It is also a good indicator of how weak the economy of Malaysia has become as the exchange rate divides it further and further. As the divide widens, so is the quality and standard of everything else. Do you think this rate record will be broken? I'll keep watch.


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