Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Keegan, Robinho, Crespo and not so shocking and expected news of Berbatov transfer to Manchester United. Keegan was speculated to leave Newcastle United when there are arguments about transfers into the club. Robinho goes to Manchester City instead of Chelsea for the record breaking British transfer of £32.4million. It is indeed a shocking last minute switch but with the new rich Abu Dhabi United Group taking over at the helm, there could be more in the future. Berbatov goes to Manchester United finally for £30.75million. Hernan Crespo was not included in the Champions League squad and received the decision through the SMS. Now, it seems like he is contented to sit through the whole season on the bench instead of going elsewhere? Inter are not very pleased that the striker did not join Sampdoria on the last day of the transfer window. Another player who suffers almost the same fate is Milan veteran Nesta, who is left out of UEFA Cup squad because of injury.

Roberto Carlos Pans Madrid Hierarchy

The former Bernabéu icon, now playing his football with Turkish giants Fenerbahçe, has criticized the Real Madrid president and his sporting director for the way they conducted business in the transfer market.

The leftback also sympathized with his countryman, Robinho who vehemently demanded to be released by the capital giants.

“Calderón and Mijatovic are two people who do not have any experience when it comes to running a football club,” the 35 year old told Radio Marca.

“Lorenzo Sanz arrived for the people of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez managed to liquidate the debts and now, at the club board, you have “these two” who do not know what they are doing,” the Brazilian added.

Roberto Carlos then said that he felt for Robinho, who caused quite a buzz over the past month due to his persistent request to leave Los Blancos. The 24 year old has, ofcourse, since signed for Manchester City for €42 million and the veteran leftback understood what he had to go through.

“I understand Robinho. The president and the sports director did not show respect to Robinho.

“Football players, we are not merchandise. They forgot about this when they believed that they had closed the deal to sign Cristiano (Ronaldo) and that is not right.

After spending over a decade at the Bernabéu, Roberto Carlos left the Spanish giants for Fener in 2007 after the club refused to grant him his desired contract extension and his relationship with the present regime remains frosty as ever.


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