Friday, October 28, 2005


AC Milan Vs. Juventus

So, Juventus will surely be on cloud nine if they can beat AC Milan and retain their good starting record in the league. Can Juventus reign supreme in the Serie A just like how Chelsea almost did for the EPL this season? Chelsea have a few hiccups this week but it seems that Mourinho was blaming everything in the world but to admit defeat humbly. The blame can go to the referee for his blindness to the lousy and boring strategies used by opponents who are worth 1/100 the value of the Chelsea players.

Tottenham Vs. Arsenal

Another match worth your time this weekend perhaps is this one. Arsenal have a rollercoaster ride season if you ask me. Tottenham is ranked much higher than Arsenal now in the EPL table. They have actually the most interesting blend of squad than any clubs if you ask me. Players like Jermaine Defoe, Jermaine Jenas, Admed Mido, Robbie Keane, Ledley King, Edgar Davids and Paul Robinson surely will make them a happening team. Early in the season, when I saw who they bought into their squad, I was very interested to see how far they can go. Surely enough, they look very healthy currently. Arsenal have to be careful especially without Henry again most possibly, they will have alot less bite upfront in their firepower.


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