Monday, November 07, 2005


I guess Arsenal fans must be celebrating but especially Manchester United fans and perhaps all the fans of the Premier League are celebrating, especially those at the top of the table closer to Chelsea. I bet this is a long, long time since any Arsenal fan is celebrating a Manchester United victory. Even if they don't want to admit it, perhaps they are enjoying it inside them. Hehe!

Suddenly, Chelsea is no longer invincible and looks like just any other club in the EPL. Probably Wenger's remarks did influence their confidence. Probably Manchester United's recent bad results made them take for granted for a confirmed victory. It is good for the competition no matter what is the cause of the defeat. Still, it is too early to say that Chelsea will fall slowly from grace. Time will tell.

I am now into the busiest phase of the semester so not much updates from me. I did watch Lazio and Inter Milan battling out a draw two days back. Inter really are always performing below expectations all the time. Every season they buy so many promising players but still they just don't make the cut. I wonder whether they are always cursed by the luck of AC Milan with all the disappointments after disappointments. I saw how hard they attacked but the finishing was just not there. Martins had alot of good chances though. Adriano? He is basically out of form and I could not sense his presence in the match. Figo is however the most hardworking and most dangerous player on the field.

El Classico is coming. Real Madrid are playing Barcelona on 20th November 2005 at home. It is the most anticipated match in the La Liga every season. I mean two matches home and away. Barcelona have been scoring goals like there is no tomorrow, getting 5 goals and the latest match with another 3. Real Madrid in contrast are in the most weakest phase of the season with injuries that force defenders to play as midfielders. Yes, they are that desperate and they barely win their matches. In the latest match, they required a defender to score from the penalty spot. Yeah, that is how weak Madrid are now. We have very minimum manpower compare to gigantic squads like Chelsea, Barcelona and Milan. Naturally, we will be the underdogs going into the match. Now, I can only pray the injury list will not be increased but decreased by then. It will be a difficult match for the understrengthed Madrid.


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