Friday, August 01, 2008


I didn't go because of the Brazil match in Singapore. Here is an interesting letter I saw in the newspaper. Well, was it really so bad? I guess that depends on who managed the match. The Singapore match against Brazil didn't have all those problems mentioned by the letter.


Friday August 1, 2008

Football match a total letdown

The match between Malaysia and Chelsea on Wednesday was a total letdown.

To start with, there was smog or haze clouding the Stadium Shah Alam that was clearly visible through the floodlights. It was no wonder that the match was fairly dull.

In addition, the giant LCD screens were not even working properly.

There were spoilt pixels all over the screen, and the timer was at 00:00 the whole night.

To make matters worse, it seems as if the number of tickets sold exceeded the number of seats available, as many people were standing along staircases.

To get seats, we had to wait until halftime when people left their seats unguarded to relieve themselves.

And to add insult to injury, the stadium, where smoking is prohibited, was full of smokers.

What disgusted me most, was a police officer smoking about 3m away from a sign saying Dilarang merokok.

Petaling Jaya.


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