Friday, April 28, 2006


I just woke up from a superpower sleep! I am damn refreshed now after sleeping merely 2-3 hours per day since last Friday. My zombie status has gone. Now, I am alive again and I will answer all the comments below!

I did watch the exciting Barcelona Vs. Milan match. Shevchenko and Milan were unlucky to bow out! Still, Ronaldinho is God of football now! Look at his skills? Which stupid club in the world don't want him apart from Real Madrid? Real Madrid are in total chaos now and how sad I am looking at it. I just look in awe of all of Ronaldinho tricks on the field. He is a superhuman! Arsenal better pray hard he is having the worst luck or sick or having stomachache or whatever sickness during the final in Paris. He is just too incredible to lose.

Yes, you can argue the situation to be the same as last season. Milan go into the final and meet underdog Liverpool. Everybody don't give a chance to Liverpool to win and see what happens. Let me tell you what my instincts are telling me right now why it is different with Barcelona and Arsenal.

1. Milan are reputed with historical records to always let oppositions score tremendous amount of goals even when they are leading by so many goals from the 1st leg.
2. Milan have a good side but nobody as legendary as Ronaldinho. If Messi is fit, you have another legend in the making to play.
3. Barcelona have a more younger side than Milan to confront the speedy young side of Arsenal.

If Barcelona stay healthy and injury free into the final, there are no reasons I can think of for Arsenal to win apart from extremely bad luck. Honestly, I salute Henry, Fabregas and Wenger for all their achievements so far. However, if they play like how they did in the 2nd leg, they will be murdered alive in Paris. I wish for a good match but sorry, honestly right now, I think you are just unlucky meeting a legend in the final. If you really can beat them, then I will be happy for you for the first ever Champions League win in your club history and make Manchester United envy like shit.

Wenger's optimism is making me laugh. He is probably that optimistic because he thought his Henry is as good as Ronaldinho. For me, Ronaldinho is one level higher than Henry. Just look at how he played, he seems to know 2-3 steps further than anybody on the field. You know, imagine you play with a very experienced chess master, you can easily see from his tactics, he already see 10 steps ahead of you. That's how I can describe Ronaldinho, that his mind is fast and extremely faster than anybody on the field. He thinks ahead of other players on the field, that's his greatest advantage. Add that to his superlegs, you have a complete football legend.

OKlah, I will start posting about my trip to Miri. Let me relax myself abit before I do it! hehe! I need to look at VRay 1.5 as well as waiting for Quest3D 3.5. Here is a rendering of VRay's latest capabilities! Kick ass renderer! Mind you this is fully rendered, no Photoshop and all those shits.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Both are rendered using VRay Sun and VRay Sky.


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