Thursday, May 04, 2006


Like Chelsea, this is their second consecutive title and there seems to be no stopping them for the next just like Chelsea. They deserve it and this is definitely a great boost for the Champions League final. They are the favourites and they are the ones to blame if they lost.

The legend, Ronaldinho said, "I knew that I was coming to a great team, one with which I could make history."

"I signed for Barcelona because I wanted to play for a great club, and a great team, and because I had the chance to make history. I am very satisfied to have participated in this cycle of change in Barcelona, and now we must continue like this to be able to lift the Champions League on the 17th."

"We have worked all season for these moments, and now is the time to enjoy it. In the dressing room, we have always reminded ourselves of the painful times, but all that has been worth the trouble."


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