Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Yes, I would say that the English Premier League did start very chaotically. Newcastle United topped the table after the first week! I watched the Manchester City VS. Manchester United match as well as the Liverpool VS. Chelsea matches. I enjoyed both the matches. It was interesting to see Thaksin at the stadium watching his Manchester City slaughter Manchester United, which was without Rooney and C.Ronaldo. They have a really bad start in their defence for their EPL crown. The only goal of the match is spectacular!

Of course to see Fernando Torres to score a nice goal against Chelsea was great too. However, that stupid penalty call by the referee was a huge mistake. It caused Liverpool 2 points as they have to settle for a draw. It was correct just like how Liverpool commented after the match. Chelsea players were all over the referee applying pressure to him. Finally, he gave a penalty to Chelsea, which is a massive bad decision! I pity Liverpool for the draw. The Mourinho remarks of them being naive is the best comment ever! Chelsea behave very nicely? That's the biggest joke of the century!

I did not make it for the Spanish Supercup between Real Madrid VS. Sevilla because I just could not wake up. I was expecting a lost anyway since I am supporting for the club to perform badly under the new coach. I'm sad to see how the club treat Emerson, Cicinho, Helguera and Baptista. I just cannot take it!

Meanwhile, it shocks me that Schuster is saying that he is not intending to play beautiful attacking football. I thought the reason they sacked Capello was because he played boring defensive football which made the football fans sleepy during matches. They said they will get someone who will provide more entertainment on the field.

The coach wants everyone! He is demanding a player after a player but his performance is extremely bad! If Capello, one of the most experienced and successful club coaches in the world, needed half a year to gel his team last season, how long will Schuster need? I hope he has enough time before the club drop too low in the table rankings.

"I never said we would give spectacle," quipped the German. "Everyone who's seen me or the team's I've coached play will know that my style has to do with playing proper football, and that's what this team is going to do in the end."

"I have faith in the quality of my players and I know we will end up playing well. My goal is to give this team a personality and a style of its own. We've only been working for three weeks, but I admit I thought things would have happened a bit faster, but I'm not worried."


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