Tuesday, March 04, 2008


AC Milan VS. Arsenal (0-0 Agg)
Barcelona VS. Celtic (3-2 Agg)
Sevilla FC VS. Fenerbahce (2-3 Agg)
Manchester United VS. Lyon (1-1 Agg)
FC Porto VS. Schalke 04 (0-1 Agg)
Chelsea VS. Olympiacos (0-0 Agg)
Real Madrid VS. Roma (1-2 Agg)
Inter Milan VS. Liverpool (0-2 Agg) 11th March 2008

It is strange that Liverpool are playing a Premier League match against West Ham on a Champions League night. I have never recalled such situations before in as long as I have watched the Champions League. I could not understand why since AC Milan are playing at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza or commonly known as Stadio San Siro a day earlier. I have no ideas. If you look at the results from the first leg, Liverpool have the most convincing record to bring to the coming leg. The others merely won by 1 goal the most and if not, just drew. It is very much an open competition and I won't be surprised to see a lot more surprises going into the second leg.

AC Milan and Arsenal have both been drawing lately in their respective leagues. This match will probably be determined by a moment of genius of Kaka or Fabregas. 50-50 for me to go to the either side but Milan have the slight edge because of their Champions League magic and experience. Barcelona can win over Celtic with the lead they took from the first leg but the latest defeat against Atletico Madrid by letting them score 4 goals did expose their weak defence. Sevilla have not been their great if compared to last season. This season, they look extremely uncertain and inconsistent. Their recent defeat to Deportivo as well as trailing by a goal from the first leg are making their lives very difficult to pull through. Manchester United are in great form and are playing at home. They will have the edge.

FC Porto's shock defeat from the first leg will very much make their second leg encounter against Schalke 04 difficult and open. Chelsea have internal affairs to sort out and going into a tie which can go either way. They better put themselves together or suffer an early exit. As for Real Madrid, their main problem is injury and the latest casulty is the glassman Robben, another injury proned player in the same fragile level as Ronaldo and Dyer. They should be happy to welcome Robinho back and will be hoping that he will be able to make the difference in the tie to give them a win. As it stands now, Roma have the advantage.


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