Friday, September 05, 2008


Well, after going for the fish therapy, the next one will be 'vampire' therapy.

Vampire therapy, anyone?

According to the article, Nona Maria Leech Therapy Centre has been offering both leech-breeding classes and leech therapy. It has two outlets, one at Taman Bukit Tiram in Ulu Tiram and another at Jalan Kota Kecil 1 in Kota Tinggi. Each centre offers both programmes.

I plan to go for a try out of curiosity. The last time I had experience with these slimy creatures was during a jungle trekking at the foot of the Mount Kinabalu in Poring Hot Spring. I had like hundreds of them sucking blood all over my body during the trekking. I have to pull them away one by one and blood just flow all over the place. You can literally call it "BLOODY HELL".


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