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As always, another controversial statement by Mourinho. Well, to an extent, he is right but we have to compare apple to apple. If you are paid handsomely and given a huge amount of talented players as well as major transfer fees, you are expected to perform straight away. You can look at the other angle and say well it's unfair since your job will be more secured if you are at a situation like Arsenal. You can always use the excuse of time needed to build a young team and not enough budget to buy anything big. Well, let's just see how far Inter Milan can go this season.

Inter Coach Mourinho: I Need To Win Trophies To Keep My Job Unlike Wenger & Rafa Benitez
Inter coach Jose Mourinho talked about the pressure of coaching in Italy and the importance of midfielder Esteban Cambiasso to the team.
Oct 15, 2009 9:08:40 PM

While Inter prepare for a tricky away match against Genoa on Saturday evening, coach Jose Mourinho gave an interview to Inter Channel in which he talked about being called a 'bauscia', Milanese dialect for arrogant, loud-mouthed person, midfielder Esteban Cambiasso, and the transfer market.

"Am I a 'bauscia'? Yes, I know what it means," Mourinho said. "Certainly all the fans know I give everything for the club and also to them. I couldn't work any other way, that's how I am."

On Cambiasso, he said, "I would need two Cambiassos, one playing ten meters further forward and the other ten meters behind."

Asked about who Inter might buy in the near future, the coach preferred not to name any players, "I don't want the newspapers to say Inter will buy this or that player."

On his future as coach of Inter, he said, "[Arsene] Wenger has been Arsenal's coach for 15 years but he hasn't won even a Carling Cup for six years. [Rafa] Benitez hasn't won a league title in six years but he continues to be Liverpool's coach.

"This is not the Italian mentality. To stay here I must continue winning and do well."

Danilo Pochini,

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