Monday, August 01, 2005


Wow! This is the first time I am so happy as a Real Madrid fan for the past 2 years. Perez is finally going to get players who can generate more results on the field and not economically. That is good news! Having two of them into the squad is going to be great excitement.

These two footballers are great investments and I will definitely looking forward to them next season to be able to challenge FC Barcelona for their two geniuses in Ronaldinho & Eto'o. Come on baby!

Michael Owen? I afraid most probably he has to go. Go to Newcastle! I am quite sad that Walter Samuel left but I think there is no choice, you only can have 3 non-EU players so it is quite hard to retain him. All I hope for is that Woodgate will finally be fully recovered. If not, the defence will have major problems.

I will have more consistency in blogging come mid-August. Now still busy with settling down in my new place.


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