Friday, July 22, 2005


Dudes, I am currently in KL. Sorry for no updates, been too lazy to update at all because just want to enjoy my holiday! The giving up of pegging of the currency is definitely the biggest issue now, with Rafidah Aziz's AP list as another hot topic. You guys must have seen her crying photos in newspapers for the last few days.

Now comes the biggest news. Robinho seems to be finally signed by Real Madrid or is he not? There are complications with his transfer because of his US$50 million buy-out clause. How good is this fellow? I have yet to see him play a match but I hope he will definitely shine in Europe. This long transfer saga has been dragging for so long and I do hope this transfer is worth every single cent if it goes through. I have got sick of the whole drama.

Real is still in the market for another player, Albert Luque. Signing him into the squad will definitely give Real Madrid far more options! Now I cannot imagine the starting eleven for next season. What about Figo and Guti? I will think definitely with the signing of the Pablo GarcĂ­a and Carlos Diogo much earlier will give Real Madrid full power to challenge FC Barcelona. I can't wait for the next season to start!

The biggest shock transfer has definitely be the Vieira transfer to Juventus. I'm sure all football fans were shocked! Then, we have Vieri going to AC Milan from Inter. Will he be the next Figo? Surely, Gilardino's signing into AC Milan will give them more firepower. Then, Wright-Phillips' move to Chelsea will also strengthen them more with the next move likely to be Essien. There is still some time before the new season for all the major European leagues to start. I wonder what else will happen. Until then, I will continue my holiday! Haha! You guys take care! I will reply the comments when I get back to Singapore in August!


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