Sunday, November 20, 2005


Remember Total Annihiation, that PC strategy game in the late 90s? I used to enjoy playing it. Both Real Madrid and Newcastle United were totally annihilated and I am totally humilated.



I managed to watch the Chelsea Vs. Newcastle United match but was too tired to watch the Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona match. Busy with assignments with little sleeping time, the El Classico came at a very wrong time for me. Still, it is probably the worst day for me as a football fan to see both supported clubs lost so miserably with the same score some more.

Chelsea are expected to win the match but what really caught my interest is this player called Charles N'Zogbia. He really looks like someone who will become great someday if he keeps on improving. Without Owen, Dyer and Shearer, there is no surpise that Newcastle United were pretty toothless in front.

All I have to say to Mr. Perez is this is what you get when you sell your own player, Eto'o to your fiercest rival eventhough he showcased again and again he was so dangerous in the past and to choose Beckham instead of Ronaldinho. I know Beckham has had some really good form but he is not the type of player who is consistent, reliable and most importantly, can single-handedly change the result of a match, especially giant and important ones. Zinedine Zidane used to be able to do that, but he is too old now so don't expect him to get that magical goal for the last Champions League medal against Bayer Leverkusen again.

I guess your club earns alot off the pitch economically and probably is the richest football club in the planet now. In exchange, I will think Real Madrid will live in the shadows of Barcelona for many years to come on the pitch. So what if you have Robinho, they have Messi and he is playing so much better. I will rate Real Madrid now to be behind in terms of quality to Barcelona, Juventus, Milan, Chelsea and Bayern Munich. I can say that with the quality they produce now, they can easily be beaten by any of the 5 of them easily.

I won't be surprised Real Madrid will end another season without titles yet again. All those hype will last even before mid season. The squad is just not big enough to sustain the injuries and suspensions and is still not good enough as a team. As a fan, all I can wish now is the club to play more better as a team after the January transfer is over. The season from there onwards is what really matters most.


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