Thursday, July 31, 2008


In this next series of posts to promote the challenging roads of Johor Bahru for my stunt driving school, I will share about the link between traffic jams and ambulances in Johor Bahru. It is a culture not to be missed and not to be able to be experienced elsewhere.

When I was first caught in a traffic jam in Johor Bahru, I heard the siren of an ambulance which is rushing through from behind me. We have to purposely drive to the edge of another lane to open up enough space for it to go through. Then, you see many vehicles taking the opportunity to follow behind it as the space was opened up. Although it is something new to me, I feel that it is probably something that happens once in a blue moon.

I was so damn wrong. Whenever there is a traffic jam, you hear the siren of the ambulance. I can declare that out of 10 times caught in the jam, 9 of them you will have ambulances sounding the siren. You will begin to feel suspicious. This is no longer coincidence. How can it be that ambulance sirens are always heard during traffic jams but not when the traffic is smooth. Do emergencies only happen during traffic jams? Well, strange right? We all in Johor Bahru said they purposely sound the siren. One of these days, I would like to follow the ambulance from behind to see if it really goes to the hospital to offload a patient. The culture of following the ambulance during the emergency rush may also happen in other places too and not just unique in Johor Bahru alone. Others can share about this.

In Johor Bahru, it is a culture to cut queues and follow from behind the ambulance. It adds another new challenge in the stunt driving experience. Smart driving!


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