Friday, March 07, 2008




Not very long ago, I posted about a great Japanese restaurant called Sosaku which I tried. The other one which I mentioned in the post was a restaurant in a hotel. the hotel was Straits View Hotel and the restaurant is called Furusato. I thought I should gave it a try since it was mentioned to be good.

After ordering the set meal, I really have to say I must give it the title the best Japanese food I ever tasted! The chicken teriyaki and the unagi were among the best I ever tasted. From the best I ever tasted, these ranked one level higher. I just could not believe that it can be even better than the best I ever tasted. Oh well, this goes to prove that until you tried the best, you will never imagine what the best taste like. Well, everything else is good and I have to say the price is very reasonable for a hotel setting with quality Japanese food.

Highly recommended from me!


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