Saturday, January 03, 2009



After my Timberland shoes finally gave way few months back, I had been surviving with my Asics running shoes to go to work. It is not nice to wear sport shoes to work which is hard to match with normal clothing. I did buy a nice pair of Bata shoes (in Singapore because the choices in Malaysia are the most ugliest ever in the world) but the pair of shoes is causing a lot of pain to my feet.


I finally found myself a pair of Obermain casual shoes. This pair of shoes has a very flexible soft finishing which feels like expandable rubber. The feet feels comfortable inside it so I decided to purchase a pair. I hope this will last me long for work and casual outdoor walking.


It is dark green in colour and quite wide and spacious, giving my feet enough room to breath inside it. The sole is thick enough too so it should give me enough protection for long walks. The layer at the bottom of the feet is soft and thick which should give me enough cushioning from the extremely bad and minimal maintenance Malaysian roads and terrains - same kind of suffering your car tires need to go through.


The stitching feels strong too so I guess it is tough enough for me. The shoes come with additional laces which is the round type we commonly use. The one on it is the flat version.


I always heard about how good Obermain shoes are and that they are hand sewn. Therefore, this pair will be a stern test for its toughness. I do have another pair of Obermain but that pair is for formal wear which is not an everyday thing.


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Im looking for this,pls advice where i can get it.Im a big fan of obermain shoes collections


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