Monday, January 05, 2009


I have seen the advertisement everywhere in Johor Bahru lately. The P1 WiMax (free modem worth RM999***, no phone line needed so you save up to RM49). *** Terms and conditions apply. There is no such thing as FREE MEAL in this world. The speed looks good at 1.2Mbps and 2.4Mbps in two different plan packages to choose from. I know Celcom has the up to 3.6Mbps plan but I never like the word 'UP TO'. They should just give us the bottom range too. Up to 3.6Mbps and 'down to' 1.2Mbps, then at least we know it is not 'down to' 0.1Mbps or 0.1Kbps.

I hate the words 'UP TO' so much that I can track them even a kilometre away whenever you see small wordings beside the gigantic 70% or 75% sales tag. There is always these two nasty words beside it, normally located at the upper left. You know it is a sales gimmick to lure you to the shop. Same principle applies. You end up disappointed with just a few clothes actually at 75% discount, the rest at 0% discount. Like the deal above, they don't reveal the bottom range to you.

When I was deciding to subscribe to the Celcom wireless broadband, I ask them the same question. What is the lowest guaranteed bandwidth? They don't dare to assure me on that. They give tonnes of excuses on weather conditions and number of users in the area of connection. Well, I know all that and that's why I ask because I don't want to subscribe to a Up to 3.6Mbps line but always running at 0.1Mbps or 0.1Kbps. It will be pointless.

Anyway, back to the P1, it is not everywhere yet so you need to check the map in the website to find out the coverage. They have two plans (1.2Mbps 12-Month Contract RM99, 24-Month Contract RM89 and 2.4Mbps 12-Month Contract RM229, 24-Month Contract RM199). As for Celcom, they have two packages too. Up to 384Kbps at RM68 per month and up to 3.6Mbps at RM98 per month. You decide which one you can trust.

As for me, I still believe in wired connection in Malaysia at least for now. Heck, even my wired connection can be as slow as 0.1Kbps too sometimes or no connections at times. Therefore, why would I believe the wireless versions will be any better? There is no guaranteed bottom range and there is most likely to be no stability. These two things are the most crucial things because you never know when you need the Internet connection most and they give you a crazy 0.1Kbps connection. I am sure you will swear like mad then. Who dares to sign a 1 year or even 2 years contract before knowing how bad the connection is? I don't! I never believe in after sales service given in Malaysia. Unless it is an overseas reputed brand, forget about it man!




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