Sunday, February 22, 2004


arsenal vs. chelsea, barca vs. valencia, milan vs. inter. wat is more bigger than having all these 3 matches played on e same day? while mu played e bottom half of e table leeds, real played e bottom half of e table espanyol. out of these 5 matches, i onli get 2 watch e real vs. espanyol match becoz i dun have e luxury of cable tv here. as 4 e arsenal vs. chelsea match, it is exactly a repeat of how things were in e fa cup clash just a match back b4 e epl match. onli tis time u dun have reyes 2 show his ability. tis guy is really good, i am looking 4ward 2 his improvement.

2 me, there r two great players with good potential 2 watch tis season. reyes n kaka. reyes 2 me is a even bigger package than cristino ronaldo. there was such a big hoo-haa on how he will provide such big impact 2 e red devils. so far, he seems like a sleeping devil 2 me. reyes came even later n showed his ability after a poor start. kaka showed how milan will need him alot when he showcased his ability in e derby match.

inter led 2 goals up but lost in e 2nd half from e 3 goals they scored. incredible, but expected.....i dun think inter has ever been a stable club 4 e past few years. they nvr look like a serious consistent team aiming 4 e title. while barca is slowly showing their true abilities, dat is not good news 4 real fans. but barca is really too dependant on ronaldinho, which i think is e same case as kaka in milan. shevchenko n kluivert seem 2 b veli quiet of late, onli saviola is starting 2 make some noise again.

as 4 mu, people r saying e title is virtually arsenal's 4 e taking. e onli reason 4 arsenal 2 lose e title tis year is 2 slip or b over-confident as wat vieira expressed. btw, all e focus will b on e champions' league tis wed n thurs so many top teams did not field their best eleven on e field. real too, they onli bring in figo in e 2nd half. e controversial penalty given 2 real becoz of how raul earned it is getting terrible. it is almost e same thing dat has happened when they faced valencia in e previous game. correct me if i am wrong, but it is exactly e same way of how he earned e penalty kick. beckham was not fielded so anyway, after e introduction of figo in e 2nd half, e madrid team then looked more alive n deadly. e 1st half was more of espanyol's as hadji looked veli impressive. reminds me of his performance in e world cup. de la pena was also providing some serious problem 2 e real's defence almost e whole match. still, real look more stronger n e sight of seeing e fans who r fat cheering 4 ronaldo was funny. he is surely going 2 achieve is target of goals tis season if he continues his performance. how they said he was fat n he is top scorer. just like how shearer is so old compare 2 henry n nistelrooy n yet he is up there 2 fight e golden boot with them. e onli worri i have now is how raul is been firing blank 4 quite some time. hopefully he will start scoring when they face bayern munich.

as 4 tis blog, i did my 1st test of uploading photos n it seems successful 4 e mtv asia awards post below. i am trying 2 provide more photo postings from now on dat i got my digicam. as 4 e footie pix, i am trying 2 get permission from soccernet, soccerage n real madrid 4 e rite 2 use pix from their sites. so far no replies so i just have 2 wait. if not, all my footie posts r so damn WORDY!

Thursday, February 19, 2004


i was there n 10s 2 puyu's young bro again! enjoyed myself like totally. wat is more fun than a whole nite of music from among e best artists in e world? e grammy's perhaps. haha! i almost failed 2 get my digicam in becoz they thought my digicam is a digi videocam since it looks kinda long. oh well, i managed 2 convince 'em dat it is a digicam n so i manage 2 enter after strict security checks. i took mostly videos so here r just some of e pics i took.

i sat quite far away since i hold e balcony tix but it is directly opposite e stage so it is not too bad. reminds me of e same distance n height i went thru when i was in alanis' concert in kl in 1996. michelle branch n vaness wu (F4) were e hosts 4 e show. other artists present r 5566, BoA, stacie orrico, mariah carey, stephanie sun, black eyed peas, blue, gareth gates, T.A.T.U., siti nurhaliza n michelle yeoh. they also gave free posters courtesy of e sponsorship of Hewlett Packard. i managed 2 line up n grabbed BoA n Vaness (ok, tis is no 4 me but my relative who loves F4).

More galleries can b found at: MTV Asia Awards 2004