Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Al Jazeera (the 24-hour English-language news and current affairs channel, is headquartered in Doha, the capital of Qatar) reports of Sarawak in its 101 East programme. Sarawak plans to build 12 more new dams in the future, which could make it the state with the most dams in the world.

The 12 dams are possibly projects under SCORE (The Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy). Check out the articles about Green dams hasten rape of Borneo Forests in Times Online and Borneo's Rainforest in National Geographic as well as the photographs. There is also a satellite image of comparison between the current and the past state of the Borneo landscape which is in the printed version. I will try to find time to scan and share with everyone here.

My personal view? The island of Borneo has the world's oldest rainforests (earth's oldest tropical rain forest--about 70 to 100 million years old), with over 8,000 species of flowering plants, including some 2,000 species of trees, 200 odd palms and more than 800 varieties of orchids. If all these dams will be threatening these ancient natural treasures and natural ecosystem, do you think I will agree? Check a quote in one of the articles highlighted above:
"Critics argue that Sarawak does not need more electricity. It produces a 20% surplus and there is as yet no cable to deliver power to peninsular Malaysia – which itself generates more energy than it needs."

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Well, I have been following this competition since it started. I have always been supporting 黑角, a B-boy group from the start. They have always been creative till the end with the sleek moves. Congratulations to them for winning the title!

Collaboration with Makiyo

Collaboration with Elmo

Collaboration with Aisha 愛紗

Battle with K.G.B.



PIKOM PC Fair 2009 I

10 - 12 April 2009 (Fri-Sun, 11:00am - 9:00pm)

Persada Johor International Convention Centre, Johor Bahru - Jalan Abdullah Ibrahim, 80000 Johor Bahru


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Monday, March 30, 2009


Maybe I should consider theology studies. It is definitely one of the least stressful jobs in the world and they are so handsomely paid.

Singapore church leader paid S$500,000

MARCH 30 – The New Creation Church in Singapore, which made headlines for raising $19 million on one Sunday last month for its upcoming multi-million dollar building, pays good money to its staff, too.

The independent church paid one employee between $500,001 and $550,000 in its last financial year, checks by The Straits Times showed.

The church did not confirm if the amount went to its leader, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince, but told The Straits Times that its policy is to “recognise and reward key contributors to the church and Senior Pastor Prince is the main pillar of our church’s growth and revenue”.

Its honorary secretary, Deacon Matthew Kang, added: “Senior Pastor Prince is the key man responsible for bringing in about 95 per cent of our church’s income. I must concede that he has enriched the church and not the other way round.

“Above all, through Senior Pastor Prince’s ministry, many people have experienced the grace and love of our Lord Jesus for themselves and seen how their lives have been transformed and marriages restored.”

The salary disclosure was contained in the church’s last financial year’s annual report submitted to the Commissioner of Charities. It stated the compensation given to its top three key management staff.

One person earned between $500,001 and $550,000, while two others were paid between $150,001 and $200,000. No names were given.

The church had an income of $55.4 million in its last financial year. Over 95 per cent came from tithes and offerings from members. It has over 18,000 members who worship at the Rock Auditorium at Suntec City.

Deacon Kang told The Straits Times last week that Prince had asked to go on a “no-pay scheme” in 2006 but was turned down by the church’s council. He made the same request over a month ago but the council has yet to give him a reply.

The New Creation Church is one of Singapore’s fastest growing churches.

Its business arm, Rock Productions, is partnering property giant CapitaLand to build a close to $1 billion lifestyle hub in Buona Vista.

In an update to members yesterday, Deacon Kang said Prince had given $563,360 to the building project.

For the first time, religious groups now have to follow a set of guidelines, called the Code of Governance for Charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs), to ensure they are properly run.

Religious groups like churches and temples, make up about half of the close to 2,000 charities here.

Unlike IPCs, which are allowed to collect tax-exempt donations and have to make public how fully they have adhered to the Code from April 1, religious groups do not have to do so. However, they are encouraged to make such information public.

In 2007, the Commissioner did a governance review of seven religious groups here with annual incomes of over $10 million each. The Straits Times asked all seven, including New Creation, about the salaries of the key officers. Only Trinity Christian Centre and Campus Crusade disclosed the information.

The Trinity Christian Centre, which holds services in Adam Road and Paya Lebar, paid two directors below $150,000 each in 2007.

They are its Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo and resident apostle Dr Naomi Dowdy. The church employs 112 staff and had an income of $17.4 million in 2007.

Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ paid its three top executives – Reverend Chan Chong Hiok, Dr Ho Chiao Ek and Reverend Lam Kok Hiang – below $100,000 each in its last financial year. The group, which provides Christian counselling, training and Christian publications, collected $11 million in “local donations” then.

It pegs its basic salaries to social workers’ pay, which is between $2,000 and $2,700 for a fresh graduate, as stated on the National Council of Social Service’s website.

Leslie Chiang, its director for corporate communications and IT, said: “We use this benchmark as the nature of our work is very similar to what an average social worker is doing – serving the needs of a community.” – The Straits Times

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Sunday, March 29, 2009


New team, debut 1-2 finish, incredible start for Button and Barichello at the Melbourne Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix with this new team. Since 1955, legend Juan Manuel Fangio achieved a similar victory. Lewis Hamilton achieved a spectacular comeback. The Ferraris are no where to be seen. Will this be another unexpected season?

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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Saturday March 28, 2009
Baby gloom haunts Lee

True-blue citizens may go the way of the Mohicans with the city-state’s falling marriage and birth rates.

THE rising number of reluctant brides, particularly among the highly educated, has again been highlighted by Singapore’s founding leader Lee Kuan Yew.

In a recent dialogue with undergraduates, Minister Mentor Lee pointed to his own daughter as an example when he talked about the long-term impact of falling marriage and procreation rates.

His concern about Singapore’s population slide had been around for some 25 years, seeing it a threat to its long-term survival.

A newspaper headline just asked: “Will we be the last of the Mohicans (an American Red Indian tribe that became extinct)?”

In other words, the low fertility will lead to the extinction of the present 3.25 million true-blue Singaporeans.

The white-haired Lee says an increasing number of the better-educated women are choosing to remain single as a lifestyle choice, and happy with it.

Some 33% of men and women are single, according to Lee. And to prevent an eventual collapse, Singapore has to import foreigners.

Lee aimed his marriage-and-population message at the very people – university students – he wanted to reach.

When he first talked about the subject, it was a generation ago. The people then would have included some parents of the current audience.

At the time, the reaction was a surprise since the birth rates were not yet at crisis point.

Lee is 86 today. This year he enters a historic 50th year of state leadership to become the world’s longest serving leader.

He showed the students an uncharacteristic glimpse of his softer, fatherly figure, a divergence from his past combatant self. This time, he talked of his unmarried daughter to make a point.

She is Dr Lee Wei Ling, the bright 54-year-old director of the National institute of Neurological Sciences, who once lashed out at the “elitist attitude of some in our upper socio-economic class.”

Writing that she was neither anti-establishment nor “a government mouthpiece,” Dr Lee added: “I am capable of independent thought.”

Something dad probably agrees with. In his fatherly eyes, Dr Lee – however mature or brilliant – is still a child who needs looking after.

After saying that one-third of men and women in Singapore were single “and quite comfortable with their lives”, the Minister Mentor said: “My daughter is one of them. What can I do?”

Then in an unusually emotional mood, Lee told the young audience: “When she was in her early 30s, I told her, never mind all this.

“My wife and I used to tell her, what you want is a “Mrs” (to her name). She didn’t think it was funny. Now, she is 50-plus.

“I’m getting old. I’ve got a pacemaker. We’ve got this big house, everything is looked after now, but what happens when we are no longer there?

“Who’s going to run this place? Who’s going to make sure that the maids are doing the right thing and so on and so forth? That’s the price she (Dr Lee) will have to pay.

“She says, I’ll look after myself, but she has not been looking after herself all these years.

“She went abroad for her studies. And her cooking was just to take the salmon and put it in the microwave and heat it up. You can do it and then go to the canteen, but when you do that day after day ...

“It’s a choice she has made and a choice that 35% of our women are making.”

However, in the 21st Century, women are the key to population control, Lee said, but “you have to couple an educated woman with equal job opportunities”.

The ageing Lee is still not beyond putting down his opponents either in the courts or using the law and police. On this occasion he talked of his own mortality.

At any rate, he remains very active in the running of the country.

He no longer sounded like the pugnacious 35-year-old lawyer who became Singapore’s first prime minister in 1959 when it was a self-governing colony.

In talking about lifestyle choice, Lee may have left out other factors that is contributing to fewer Singaporeans marrying and producing babies.

One is the highly competitive life in a tiny Singapore that has few resources. From school to work to business, it is one test after another for the people.

Another is the high cost of living. The Economist Intelligence survey named Singapore the 10th most expensive country in the world, and the present crisis could make things tougher.

Last year inflation rose by 6.5%, the highest level in 28 years, with the poor being the hardest hit – not a formula for more babies.

During the past decade wages of the broad middle class stagnated, while that of the lower-income group actually declined.

Some young critics blame it on policies that Lee had instituted all these years, particularly giving priority to economic growth over individual needs.

This is the second time Lee has referred to his offsprings being affected by dramatic social changes.

Apart from his daughter, Lee had earlier said that Li Hongyi, his grandson (the son of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong) had succumbed to the emigration trend. He has said he may remain in the United States after graduation.

A Singaporean wrote: “At least Lee now realises that no matter how tight he controls Singapore, there are things that are beyond him – like marriage, emigration and having children.”

His problem is amplified by a young lady, who wrote: “We don’t need men to take care of our needs. We can afford our every material whim and fancy.”

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Friday, March 27, 2009


Sarawak is always the richest state in Malaysia, blessed by abundance of natural resources. However, the incredible under-developed status of the state and where the abundance of the wealth is located are big mysteries. We are probably the state with the deepest reserves on the planet. Yeah right.

Taib: Sarawak to be Malaysia's richest state by 2030

BINTULU, March 26 - Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud envisions Sarawak to become the richest state in Malaysia by 2030 should there be ample highly skilled locals and sound economic administration.

Speaking at a dinner to celebrate his 28th anniversary as Sarawak Chief Minister, he said the struggle to achieve this vision would start from now as the state is going through a second wave of development.

"This (vision) is the biggest undertaking that would even outlive me whereby in 2030, Sarawak will be the richest state in Malaysia and will become a land of opportunities for the people," he added.

Taib said he had already charted plans to set up more higher learning institutions to train Sarawakians in a highly-skilled workforce that could diversify the future economic activities in the state.

With the depletion of natural resources, he said the future generation of Sarawakians would need to be trained to be able to explore and efficiently exploit potential new resources that could be used to maintain the state's pace of development.

Anyone who would be leading Sarawak into that era would have to start from now, to form a good teamwork with other leaders, so as to maintain a harmonious environment that would facilitate the task of planning for the next development, he said.

He added that the leader should also ensure that the people in the state would not be confused by their development plans as this could put them in a difficult position to progress.

The success of transforming Sarawak into a stage of development that could be enjoyed now, was the result of good understanding and cooperation from all levels of people in the state, he said.

"I don't deserve to get all the credit as I'm only the thinker. The success reflects the success of the people at large and that is the success we are celebrating today," he said. - Bernama


Best of Asia!
Bring on America

We know BoA is promoting herself in America. What has she been up to? Here they are.

All I have to say is


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here are some random photos. I will start editing them when I have the time. There is a lot of work waiting for me once I returned from the trip. The only good reason for going to South Korea is the nice exchange rate at the moment. SGD1=1050 KRW was the highest I managed to bargain with the Singaporean money changers before going. Malaysia money changers provided a very lousy exchange. I could only literally get SGD1=810-840KRW in Johor Bahru. In the end, I ended up exchanging in Singapore.

This time around, I am more prepared. I bugged my Korean friend for a week of Korean language mastery. Of course, just learn the most essential words / phrases to survive there. It is interesting to know that many origins of the language sometimes come directly from Chinese characters translation as it evolves from there while others were invented from scratch in Korean.

Eating live octopus arms.

Everland boat ride which makes you wet.

Cable car ride to the top of the mountain peak for skiing.

The T-Express candid camera during the majestic 77 degrees plunge.

Our tour group, a size of 30 people.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


"The fastest way to master a dialect / language is to learn the vulgar words / phrases first."
Quote by an unknown ancient sage with initials DHX, 1,000,000 BC

Stephen Chow speaking foul Foochow.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My second trip to South Korea was a blast. I visited Jeju Island, Mount. Sorak, Nami Island, YongPyong Ski Resort, Hanwah Waterpia Hotspring, Everland, Lotte World, experienced kimchi making, shopping and watched JUMP comic martial arts performance. The trip was interesting because we get to experience the seasons of spring (as high as 18 degree Celcius in Seoul) and winter from the different places of the country. We also managed to enjoy some early flower blossoming and experienced snow with the temperature at -5 degrees Celcius. I also ate life octopus arms which were still moving around after they cut it off for me to chew! The arms have suction cups on the underside which can still suck my face when I bite it!

The timing of the trip was quite wrong in terms of safety. Tension had been rising for the past few weeks with the military exercises between South Korea and United States starting on 9th March 2009. We were actually at the borderline at Mount Sorak between South Korea and North Korea on the 20th March 2009, the last day of the exercise. If there is any war to take place, we would be the first to witness it! Our bus had to put a sign in front of it to identify us as foreign tourists. The tour guide assured us that if North Korea is to invade South Korea, it would take them just 6 hours to conquer the whole south. I am not sure how true is that statement but his reasoning is that North Korea is fully prepared all the time for war as they train full time everyday, their soldiers do not fear death and they invested heavily in defence. North Korea has been giving warnings to South Korea regarding the joint military exercise with the United States. North Korea is planning a launch of a communications satellite early next month but South Korea and United States said it is a ballistic missile test.

The best experiences are to ski for the second time and the crazy T-Express ride at Everland. This time I can ski at higher slopes with better stability and speed. The T-Express is the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world at 77 degrees inclination - making it the greatest vertical inclination in the world, the fastest and longest roller coaster in Korea. I really enjoyed the unbelievable thrill of a near-sheer drop! It is the world's ninth fastest, third tallest, and sixth longest wooden coaster.

Ride T-Express and I assure you that you will know how it feels like dropping down so damn fast at such a steep inclination. You will be breathless and you feel like your entire body is being thrown at full speed all the way down. The only flaw in the roller coaster design in my humble opinion is to have the greatest highlight of the 77 degrees drop at the very front of the ride. I suggest that it should be pushed till the very end so you have a grand finale finishing. This is because after experiencing the most steepest drop at the very front of the ride, the rest of the ride is not as crazy anymore so you are no longer that thrilled. I already stopped screaming after that because nothing is more scarier anymore than that. More in depth reviews when I have the time this week or next week.


The videos do not do justice to the speed, drop and thrill of the T-Express. You have to ride it to experience it.

Height 183.75 ft (56.01 m)
Drop 150.9166 ft (45.9994 m)
Length 5,383.83 ft (1,640.99 m)
Max speed 64.6 mph (104.0 km/h)
Inversions 0
Max vertical angle 77°

JUMP show

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Monday, March 23, 2009


We heard extremely bad reviews from people who had watched the latest Dragonball and Street Fighter movies. I also saw the amateur video produced by a Dragonball fan which depicts a fight scene between No.17 and No.18 against Son Gohan. This is nice indeed and I heard the new movie quality sucks more than it! Eventhough it is in French, it is still great! It does have all the ingredients we are used to see in Dragonball fight scenes. Shame on the Dragonball movie if the quality is worse than this.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Alright, I know. I am super lazy or busy, whatever you want to think about it. Everyone has been chasing me for the photos. Here they are. I am releasing all the links after 3 months. Sorry for the delay, I finally found the time to resize and upload them.

The link is:

On the left bar, there is this Albums list. Click on the DECEMBER WEDDING and you will see sub albums. Click on any of them to view.

Formal Bridal Photoshoot (pro photographer)
Formal Morning Sibu (pro photographer)
Formal Night Sibu (pro photographer)
Informal Bridal Photoshoot (cincai own version photographer)
Informal Morning Sibu (cincai own version photographer)
Informal Night Johor Bahru (cincai own version photographer)
Post Wedding Sibu (cincai own version photographer)
Pre Wedding Sibu (cincai own version photographer)

The password is diehardx. Those who want full versions from me, please email me to upload online for you. If the photos requested do not have you in it, I will need you to declare whether you have a crush on someone else who is in the requested photos. Haha!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Miss Simmy Tan

Her blog.

Her wedding photos collection portfolio.

Well, if I didn't find her site online, I would end up with a dSLR now and probably lousy taken photos. Thanks to her, I managed to get decent nice wedding photographs. Therefore, those are getting married in Sibu, Sarawak, you can consider her services! I believe it is good to have a female photographer, especially to take photos of the bride when she is doing make-up and clothes changing. Makes her life a lot more convenient than having a male photographer in her bedroom.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009



We were shopping around a pair of boots but most of those available in the shoes shop are all ultra high heels version. You can't walk far with those and I bet you will feel the pain very soon.


Finally, we found Merrell boots and choose the lily ankle boot. This pair of shoes is approximately USD$140. We got a good bargain of S$71. It is made of leather and wool. I like that the boot looks formal but yet it uses very cute floral designs at the soles. It is not very high so it is very easy to wear. I bet it feels comfortable too in a long run.


Full features:
• Style and all-weather performance for uptown, downtown, or no town at all
• Full grain leather upper/collar knit
• Vamp lining breathable mesh with Aegis™ antimicrobial treatment
• Pigskin heel counter lining
• Q-Form® triple density compression molded EVA footbed
• Nylon 6.6 injection molded arch shank
• Internal molded EVA wedge
• Merrell Air Cushion midsole
• Vibram® Moxie™ 1-1/2" wedge and sole
• Board lasted construction with Memory Foam cushion over the forefoot



You can fold the top as well to give it a different look and depending on the temperature of the location you are using them.


The sole.


Closed up.


The flower patterns underneath.


Finally, just to clarify that this is not for me to wear.


Monday, March 16, 2009



We all know Klang is the bak kut teh hub of Malaysia. No place on earth has better bak kut teh than them. If there is, it must somehow be associated with Klang. My uncle introduced us to try the bak kut teh here, which is just behind the Maybank building near the toll gate into Klang.







I called this a bak kut teh rojak because they practically throw in everything possible. I have never tasted bak kut teh with chicken mixed inside with it. The strong taste of ginseng root also overtaken the flavour of the soup, overwhelming it by too much. It tastes more like Chinese herb soup to me. After the meal, we were so thirsty that we purposely stopped by to buy cold drinks. I guess they could have dumped in truckloads of Ajinomoto MSG. Hehe! Their enokitake mushroom is of lower grade too.

Therefore, I don't recommend coming here. Go deeper into Klang old city to find more authentic bak kut teh. My previous post of the bak kut teh tasted much better,


The Hainan curry rice is just opposite the shop. It looks very interesting indeed. It is a pity that it was not opened then. If it was, I would have gone to try it!



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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Worth watching. Must watch from me! Perfect movie!


Mark my words!

Watch Watchmen or be watched in regret in the eyes of human history.



Annyeonghaseyo, chonen DieHardX yimida.
Chonen Malaysia saram yimida.
Manaseo Pangga simida.




Saturday, March 14, 2009


Don't ask me why they must name this association likewise. If you read it carefully, it can mean something else, which is not good. Haha! Anyway, I attended their Chinese New Year Reunion & Building Fund Campaign on the 28/02/2009 when I was in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you Uncle Andrew for sponsoring us both. It was great meeting Foochow from all over Malaysia, especially those from Setiawan. The food was great and they held it in a very historic building. The Chinwoo Athletic Association Kuala Lumpur. If you recalled the movie which was Jet Li's last martial arts film, Huo Yuan Jia, the Chinwoo school is his creation. It is meant for the Chinese to learn kungfu and strengthen themselves to defend the country.

I would like to share the video of the mask or face changing (bian lian) performance during the dinner by a Szechuan young girl. We have our very own beautiful mask or face changer in Malaysia. This traditional performance is an unique and significant Szechan opera technique which has been around for 300 years.

The Sarawak-Sabah Foochow Association, Malaysia

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During Chap Goh Meh this year, during dinner, we were lucky to be greeted by the dragon at the coffeeshop we chose to dine.


The boss apparently hired a group to perform the dragon dance around the kopitiam.




The boss lit off the firecrackers and off they went starting the dragon dance. The firecrackers they have here sucks. Ours back home in Sibu kick their asses a million times. The executed noise was not nice and it was very short and fast.


Off the dragon went to the kitchen to look for some food!


The interesting thing is the boss requested the ball bearer to somehow stop at locations in the shop which require better 'luck repairing'. I think so personally. Somehow, some areas around the shop requires the dragon to spin longer to increase the luck or fengshui of a particular zone.



The troop also performed some interesting stunts and formations and still avoided getting the dragon entangled. Hehe!




The boss decided to light up one more round of firecrackers and the dragon went spinning around it. By the way, my car was just parked at the right side of the photo. I hope some fortune flew towards my car too. You guys better start buying 4D numbers from my car plate number!



I thought since having the dragon spinning around the premise will increase the fortunes and business of it, I was thinking of paying them to spin around my car. Perhaps it will provide a lot of fortune to everyone sitting inside for the whole year!!! Hahaha!

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Friday, March 13, 2009


I always have special events on Friday the 13th for the past two years. This year is no exception. I hope I will 'enjoy' this event. Haha!




OK, we have many mini this and mini that nowadays (Mini cornetto, mini popper, mini magnum, ipod mini, mini-SDcard, Mini-Me), we even have laptop minis these days. Kiwiberry is basically mini kiwis. Call me someone who just come out from the cave, but I have never seen or tasted kiwiberries before in my life! I never like kiwis because the underside of my tongue just feel very uneasy after tasting it. There is this numbness feeling that irritates me. It is probably the fruit sap or something.


I was buying the sugar pears when I saw them. I thought why not give them a try.


They don't look like kiwis at all. More like olives.



The inside is like the kiwi. Well, it does have the same taste but the numbness is not as great as the kiwifruit. Perhaps eating more of these will give the same effect. I am not too sure. It is like the kiwi is a hard liquor (40%) and this is just beer(4-6%). Hehe!

Back to the mini craze. Soon, micro will be an in thing. Micro-SDcard for example.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is again the season where the English will dominate in Europe. It could be again an all English final. Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal are all through. Real Madrid lost in great humiliation, the greatest defeat (4-0, aggregate 5-0) of the competition ever in their history. Sporting Lisbon suffered an even more incredible defeat at the hands or feet of Bayern Munich (7-1, aggregate 12-1).

Well, to me, the only way to succeed in the Champions League format competition is with an extremely solid defence, conceding goals at home will make your life ultra difficult. You need super good defence or you can succeed by containing possession to attack at will to score loads of goals. If your defence is weak, your midfield and offense must be strong. If your offense is weak, your defence must be strong.

Real Madrid have a very weak defence and their midfield is just average. Their attack is toothless. They are slow and some players are very old. They have been out of the competition for the past many years because of too many leakages of goals. If they want to have a chance at their 10th crown, they need to beef up their defence with a good anchor defensive midfielder. If they must keep Raul, get an extremely good and fast striker to partner him. I pity Casillas in the match, left alone to defend the onslaught of the Liverpool offence. Where is the defence?

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well, I was arranging my CD collection last week to search for some files to share with a friend when I found Roxette. Oh, I miss Roxette, one of the best music acts ever coming from the land of IKEA and Volvo, Sweden. The duo group consists of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. Here are some videos to recall the good old days in the 90s. Love the good old days! Some of my favourite songs of all time! Very nostalgic...nice memories...I wish I had attended their concert before. Sigh!

Sleeping In My Car

Crash! Boom! Bang!

Almost Unreal

How Do You Do?


Listen To Your Heart (probably my most favourite Roxette song!)

It Must Have Been Love (Pretty Woman; Richard Gere & Julia Roberts!)

June Afternoon


Spending My Time

What is your most favourite Roxette song? All of these songs are nice. They are 100X better than the many crap singers / bands we have lately.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Bayern Munich VS. Sporting Lisbon 5-0
Juventus VS. Chelsea 0-1
Liverpool VS. Real Madrid 1-0
Panathinaikos VS. Villarreal 1-1
AS Roma VS. Arsenal 0-1
Barcelona VS. Lyon 1-1
FC Porto VS. Atletico Madrid 2-2
Manchester United VS. Internazionale 0-0

Well well well, who will proceed to the next round and who will not?

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12th-15th March 2009
Suntec Singapore
Levels 1,2,3,4 & 6
12 noon - 9pm daily

I need to look for two of those ancient memory RAM for my home computer back in Sibu. I hope I can find it.

CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (PC-3200/CL3)400MHz DDR SDRAM

-DIGITAL LIFE on 11th March 09 (Tuesday)
-THE STRAITS TIMES on 12th March 09 (Thursday )
-TODAY Newspapers on 12th March 09 ( Thursday )

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I am going to attend the most 'gayest' event on earth this coming Friday. Don't ask me why or how, just shoot me already! Argh!!!

Disney On Ice presents Princess Wishes
13-17 Mar 2009
Mon & Fri - *10.30AM,7:00PM
Tue - 3.30pm
Sat - 11:00AM, 3:30PM & 7:00PM
Sun - 11:00AM & 3.30PM
*New show added for Friday (13 Mar) @ 10.30AM!

Approx 1 Hr 40 Mins

Approx 20 Mins

Singapore Indoor Stadium

TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)
Standard - S$19.50, S$29.50, S$49.50, S$59.50


An All New School Holiday Experience – Priced for Families!!!

Through artistic skating and graceful acrobatics, i>Disney On Ice presents Princess Wishes beautifully recreates the defining moments when seven Disney princesses’ wishes are fulfilled. With Tinker Bell as their guide, guests will see the inspiring stories of Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Mulan, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and witness their wishes being granted and their dreams coming true.

In this new touring show produced by Feld Entertainment, audiences will go where imaginations soar and anything can happen if they just believe. Ariel’s dreams are unlocked from under the sea and, in one magical moment, she finds happiness in an exploration above the waves. Mulan teaches inner strength, Jasmine discovers a whole new world and Snow White finds her one true love. This beautiful presentation also reveals Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty’s deepest wishes.

“Before dreaming up this edition of Disney On Ice, we reflected on what makes Disney’s princesses so special,” said Producer Kenneth Feld. “It didn’t take long to realize that every princess had one thing in common: each embarked on an adventure to find their heart’s fondest wish, and through believing, they come true. We wanted to share that inspirational message with our audiences by celebrating the stories of these enchanting characters.”

Make Your Wish Today – Book Your Tickets Now!!

Event Web Link: www.disneyonice.com.sg

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Monday, March 09, 2009


When we were in the late primary to early secondary school days (1991-1994), there were no Internet cafes or cybercafes to hang out. We had console shops which charged you RM2 for 30 minutes of gaming. You may be able to bargain for RM3 for an hour or play a little longer if there are no customers around. It is the time where you train to show off your skills in front of the shop. You will be proud if you manage to get the attention of passerbys who stop to admire your skills.

It is the era of catridges where you are using catridges to store games. Compact discs were not popular then and very costly. The catridges were costly and there were not many pirated versions available. What were the most famous games we played at that time? Street Fighter and Dragonball versus battle games.

Yes, we spent so many zillion hours and a lot of money just to master the arts of the battling skills, now that I think back, we were so childish. Sigh! I remember we have to make use of the lousy joypads which were overused sometimes and not functioning very well. We ended up with sore thumbs from 'over-maneuvering' of the combination direction keys to execute super powerful moves.

Now, Hollywood is finally releasing the movies based on these two extremely popular games of those days. The movies are called Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li and Dragonball Evolution. Well, there is a 1994 version of Street Fighter (featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme) but I heard it was extremely bad. Hong Kong has its own comedy version in 1993, called Chao Ji Xue Xiao Ba Wang, starrring three of their Heavenly Kings. I will expect the new movies to suck so bad I rather play the old games again on the Super Famicom. Well, don't expect much from them as I am sure even before reading any reviews that they will change the storyline bigtime! I do mean BIGTIME! For Singapore, the reason to watch Street Fighter is to watch their very own actor, Edmund Chen in action as Chun Li's father.

Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li

Dragonball Evolution

Would I want to waste my money to watch them in the cinema? Well, it is better to hear some feedbacks from others first before I waste my money. Haha!

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Thursday, March 05, 2009


Great news for Liverpool fans. If it is confirmed, make sure Torres and Gerrard join the tour. Then only I consider buying. Chris, keep watch for me dude!

Football: Liverpool to play in Singapore this year
By TODAY | Posted: 04 March 2009 2025 hrs

SINGAPORE: Liverpool fans in the region should get their jerseys and scarves ready.

The Reds are planning to play a friendly match in Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. The Football Association of Singapore said it is in talks with the English side, but no date has been fixed yet.

Reports suggest that Liverpool has a good fan base here in Asia, but when it comes to touring Asia, they have not been as active as their rivals, Manchester United and Chelsea.

Manchester United will return to Asia for the fifth time in a decade this July, while Chelsea will take part in the Barclays Asia Trophy in the same month.

Liverpool said it can "do much better" when it comes to building a business overseas.

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Well, have you all watched the funny Hitler video complaining about public transport in Singapore (subtitled)? If you have not, here it is.

It is very true, the public transport here are super crammed up. You basically squeeze like sardines from bus to MRT. The frequency is not high enough while the bus driver try to push as many people as possible into the bus. The MRT is the same, fully loaded. It is as bad as my Shanghai experience. What Hitler said (in the subtitles) is probably true, bicycles are the best mode of transport now, especially going through the immigration. You are faster than motorbikes, cars, buses and lorries. Nowadays many people are trying foldable bikes. Buses and MRT are still allowing it but it is still in the trial run period.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this post today is concerning some fucked up people who do not give seats to others. They purposely sit at the outer part of the two-seater to block people from sitting in. I was in the super crammed bus today and saw that lady pretending to be asleep while shielding the seat inside the two-seater seat as she sat outside. I really wanted to point my middle finger at her. Everyone squeezed like mad while standing, almost smashing both the doors and every single standing space available while she pretended to sleep there with an empty seat beside her.

It is the same problem with MRT seats. A lot of people will just sit there are pretend to be asleep while the poor old folks, disabled, people with children and pregnant ladies stand in front of them. It is so bad that nowadays they have designated privilege / priority seats at the ends of each row of seats. Sometimes I have to give up my seats to these people who are metres away while shielding my seat from others rushing to sit. Of course, I have seen kind souls out there too who give up seats. It doesn't mean everyone are cold but most are.

Well, still Singapore has one of the best public transport systems in the world, especially if you compare with Malaysia. Malaysia has the world's most sorry state of public transport quality and maintenance. You really want to puke if you take those lousy buses and taxis. Leakages everywhere, bell buttons that don't work, fare meters that don't work, coin machines that don't work, interior lightings which are spoilt or half alive, extremely dirty floors, doors that don't close well or fully, seats which are spoilt and dirty, curtains that have not been washed for centuries, walls which are vandalised with phone numbers for sex services, black smoke which goes into the interior and chokes everyone to death, windows which are half fallen and extremely stained and broken with rusty metals like handle-bars everywhere.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


The cheapest way to enjoy a Mercedes with a driver driving you around is to get into one of those Mercedes taxis in Singapore. When I started studying in Singapore back in 2001, most taxis you see on the road are Toyota Corollas (the best selling car model in human history, over the past 40 years, one Corolla car has been sold on average every 40 seconds!!!). Nowadays, there are more brands out there. They have the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Fielder, Honda Airwave, Toyota Wish, Toyota Camry, Toyota Estima, Toyota Wagon, Toyota LiteAce, Volvo V70, Fiat Croma JTD, Previa Taxi, Kia Magentis, Mercedes Benz E220, Mercedes Benz Vito 115, Kia Carnival, Skoda Superb, Volkswagen Touran, SsangYong Rodius SV270, Carbodies "London Taxi" TX1 and SPACE MPV taxis. There are probably more other brands and models that I don't know.

A few weeks back I managed to flag down a Mercedes Benz E220 cab. This is probably only the second time that I managed to take a Mercedes Benz cab. It is purely luck if you try to flag them down at the road side. The driver is a young chap who is probably around the same age as me. There are two types of taxi drivers in Singapore. One type who normally complain about everything from the start till the end of the journey. The other type is so quiet until you can hear a pin drop. Anyway, this guy is an extremely quiet type with dark sunglasses on.

Then, something interesting happened. A massive jam happened in front of us while we try to enter the PIE (Pan Island Expressway - one of the many highways in Singapore). He was still so quiet but he uttered that we were unlucky to be caught in the jam. Well, ok fine. Then when we really reached near the accident location, we saw a car being hit from behind by a police car! Then another car hit into the police car (Toyota Altis) from behind. We could see the whole bonnet of the police car being hit upwards. The silent driver suddenly said, "Wahlau eh, so serious accident with a police car involved." Then he went into silent mode again. Haha! Funny fellow!

Then when we finally drove in BKE (Bukit Timah Expressway), a lorry which was carrying a lot of stuffs behind it just had a trolley flying downwards to the back. The trolley was sliding to the back very fast while all the cars behind the lorry changed lanes to avoid it. We were just beside the lorry when we watched the 'show'. It really feels like in the movies. The driver again broke his silence and said, "Wahlau eh, so kuazan. Incredible!" Well, it is funny how he could suddenly broke the silence to express his feelings and the next thing you know, he went to silent mode again.

An eventful taxi experience indeed.....and yes, Mercedes Benz taxi rides kick asses.....it is good to experience how the rich lives once a while.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

6+5 OR 4+7?

If FIFA's 6+5 Rule Gains Momentum, Who Will Be The Biggest Losers?

Should FIFA impose the Sepp Blatter-envisaged 6+5 legislation the Premier League will become the biggest loser.
26 Feb 2009 13:27:32

Those opposed to the controversial 6+5 ruling - which dictates that six out of the 11 starters for a specific club should be eligible to play for its respective national team - claim that it contravenes employment law.

However, murmurs today suggest there is nothing untoward with the intricacies of the proposed ruling. Should FIFA pursue with the legislation, then the world of football could witness the first stage of 6+5 in the 2010-11 season; an enforced 4+7 ruling.

According to Sky Sports, the Premier League is set to be the biggest loser, as nearly two-thirds of its footballers are non-English.

Premier League
Serie A
Primera Division

The Premier League therefore may need to alter its transfer policies in the upcoming windows, or indeed take a more hands-on approach in bringing through their academy products.

No-one, it seems, may be more acutely aware of this than Arsene Wenger. It is no secret that Arsenal have a multi-national squad, and the team that started their round of 16 Champions League clash against Roma midweek contained zero Englishman.

The Frenchman though, has been quick to remedy this. Theo Walcott was brought from Southampton three years ago, while there is a distinct focus on young English talent in the club's academy.

Jack Wilshere is regarded as not just a promising future player for Arsenal, but also for England, and the club's Carling Cup team has a heavy English flavour.

Alan Dawson, Goal.com

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Today's my big day. Getting older, getting more confused. Post quarter-life crisis? Haha! Probably an important year to determine my life's next phase of journey. Let's see how this will lead me to. I really don't know but it's good to know soonest possible to be focused and get it full speed ahead.

As for the blog, I will start putting label/s on every post from now onwards.

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