Thursday, September 30, 2004


another 1 of those game turns movie stuff just like tomb raider. wat do u do when u c beautiful chicks with guns n kicking zombies' asses? u go gaga! 2 me, milla jovovich is much a sexier babe than e over-rated angelina jolie. i dun really like jolie's lips, they r too thick! n she is not so cool, plus e storyline 4 tombraider SUX! tombraider itself is an over-rated game. i dunno wat is it with e expectations n hype. i dunno, just my instincts. when u have not just 1 babe but 2 sexy chicks in milla jovovich n sienna guillory, u wan 2 get tis movie no matter wat!

i watched e trailer n i told myself i gonna watch tis movie no matter wat it takes. btw, i am starting 2 like guillory more than milla. milla is getting too rough n tough 4 my liking. she's like a g.i.jane. probably i got turned on more with ladies in skirts than shorts. sienna is more feminine. then again, ladies in towels aren't bad as well! woh! (nose bleeding) hope tis will b a kick-ass movie!

i like tis critic by dave kehr of e new york times:
"If you are in the mood for leggy heroines (the film has two) blasting down zombie armies with absurdly large automatic weapons, the film gives very good value for the money."

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


there is alwiz those funny times when u encountered something n u r guessing wat e heck is going on? when something extraordinary, out of ur ordinary n normal life happened just like dat.

i was filling up my big bottles with water from e water dispenser near my old hall. e water dispenser is just next 2 e public phone. i was filling 2 bottles, so tis late 30s-40s lady was like noticing me when making a call. i thought she thought i was handsome or something, hehe! kidding......but she was staring at me at close range, like trying 2 observe or thinking of something nasty.

so i knew she is staring but i ignore her but after filling up e 2nd bottle, she talked 2 me. here's how e conversation goes:

lady: hi, can u help me answer e phone?
me: wat? why?
lady: just asnwer it, n tell e person dat u r looking 4 vincent.
me:huh? ok i guess....(feeling abit weird)
lady: just say vincent will do, i just dun wan e person 2 know it is me calling.
me: ok. (waiting 4 e call 2 get thru)
lady: e line is busy, 10s anyway.
me: ok. (still abit puzzled) c u.......

n 2 e other story....

n my room mate like sprained his shoulder, rite shoulder 2 b precise. he told me he was feeling abit sore 4 e past week. then 2 nites ago, he was having tis serious pain. he can't even move his hand 2 his back or raise his hand up straight. it was dat bad n he was like speechless almost e whole day becoz of e pain. he went 2 e health n wellness centre of nus n got his medicine. e doc said if he can touch his left shoulder with his rite hand, nothing should b wrong with him. since he managed 2 do dat, so nothing is wrong with him. he took 2 capsules n told me he is not going 2 take anymore as he was feeling MORE INTENSE pain with extra heat in his body.

here r e medicines he took. probably mr.veritas can verify them 4 me. haha!

tis is mefenamic acid capsule 250mg (tis is e deadly 1 dat made him so in pain)
(notice dat e arrangement of e capsule color coding is in a veli funny manner. any reason why so? or just purely coincidental? hmmm...)

tis is orphenadrine 35mg paracetamol 450mg -he did not take any, i onli know wat paracetamol is.

mefenamic acid supposes 2 treat pain, including menstrual pain i heard! OMG! it can decrease inflammation (swelling) n uterine contractions? double OMG! probably dat was e reason why it has such funny effects on him! haha!

weird thing is dat he nvr like carry anything heavy or been having something heavy on his back as well as having a veli decent sleeping posture. so wonder wat happens. no conclusion at all....


tis is 1 of those european nites when u c tremendous scorelines. if u look at it totally, there r a total of 31 goals scored in 8 matches. dat will b an average of 3.875 goals per match. incredible! n i am not disappointed staying up late 2 watch e two biggest losers at e start of e season playing each other.

roma scored 2 goals in e first 21 mins with e earliest 1 being in e 3rd min. real started with sloppy defence, veli confusing, e coordination between goalkeeper n defenders is totally off. e penalty box is like a nite market. i was thinking 2 myself at dat point dat it will b another dreadful nite 4 real. however, e turn of events started 2 come in a form of a supreme, brilliant, unexpected screamer goal from raul. out of no anticipation at all he scored a sharp volley into e net from outside e penalty box, so precise, so beautiful real madrid r inspired in no time.

suddenly, everything went e opposite way! real madrid found their form, their football became smooth sailing again, passes n crosses will just go as planned n reach every foot of e white players. e 2nd goal was a controversial 1. but who cares? since e 1st goal of roma was considered offside from e replays. figo converted e penalty, raul scored e 2nd goal n finally roberto carlos after trying 4-5 times finally scored an incredible curving shot at e veli top rite edge of e goal n in. no goalkeeper on earth as being mentioned by e commentator can get dat 1. haha! ronaldo started veli bright, with a few danger runs into e box as well as some good passes but slowly lost his presence in e match. figo was industrious n veli effective, supplying some of e danger balls into e penalty box n assisted dat ball precisely 4 raul's 2nd. beckham is hardworking as ever, zidane also rediscovering his form little by little.

i just hope things will improve 4 them from now on. i wish real madrid e best, most importantly 4 raul 2 score again was a boost in confidence. hearing raul scoring in e previous match after 6 months, i was really looking 4ward 2 tis match 2 c him score again. n he did it with great fashion. i really wish they will drop ronaldo n put morientes 2 partner raul like e good old days.

e onli shocking result 2nite is e defeat of liverpool in e hands of unfancy opponents, olympiakos. could b becoz of e presence of rivaldo? can he still b as dangerous as b4? it was e most lowest scoring game of e nite tying with e juventus 1-0 victory match against maccabi tel-aviv! there r 2 hattrick scorers of e nite. roy makaay 4 bayern munich in a 4-0 demolition of ajax amsterdam. i dunno wat happened 2 them but e ajax i know wun b defeated dat badly, something must b terribly wrong. e other hattrick was scored by wayne rooney. his debut 4 man utd n he is oredi making a huge impact on e game. tis is probably e talk of e day! dat wayne rooney made e biggest impact debut of any footballer alive. n people will b praising e lad like shit! hehe! but i am still not convinced. we shall c how it will go since they beat weak opponents fenerbahce 6-2. giggs, van nistelrooy n bellion r e other scorers. tis is e highest scoring match of e nite.

monaco won 2-0 against deportivo. depor i think will meet real next in e la liga. i really hope real will get a veli positive result from e match. sparta prague 1-2 lyon n dynamo kiev 3-2 bayern leverkusen. real will meet dynamo kiev next in e bernabeu.

2molo i will b watching chelsea playing porto, onli tis time mourinho being on e opposite side of e match. hope it will b another thrilling match! u have tonnes of superstars down there! my focus will b on luis fabiano, i hope he gets 2 b in e starting 11, i wan 2 c how good tis dude plays.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


i live in a double room in an old hall tis sem. so my room mate is kind enuf 2 share mooncakes with me. e moon is visible n super round from my place here in s'pore. it just dun look so big in e photo i took becoz i onli have a 5X optical zoom digicam. i went 2 have dinner with my bro in angel's restaurant just opposite my hall of residence. simple meal.....just 2 make ourselves feel chinese 2 celebrate a chinese festival.....indirectly. hehe!

e lavender mooncakes, they r quite famous in johor 4 their layered cakes i heard. u can find their bakery in e famous city square shopping centre. i tasted e green mooncake, should b pandan with egg yolk. not bad, smooth n tasty. e taste is not too sweet n overwhelming like some mooncakes i tasted.

mooncake festival is veli commercialized here. it seems 2 b COMPULSORY 2 give mooncakes 2 people here n thus they even have fairs 2 promote mooncakes. i saw them doing it in city square too. they decorated chinatown veli nicely 4 e occasion. they also have a whole lantern display in chinese garden 4 u 2 visit. e themes r disney's as well as journey 2 e east. was beautiful when i visited it.

haagan daas even has tis S$50 mooncake box with 4 mooncakes inside. imagine urself eating e mooncakes dat cost so much. i will imagine myself taking 1 mouthful n let e whole thing melt in my mouth totally! haha! it is too expensive 2 b consumed so fast.

happy mooncake festival! hope u guys enjoy ur mooncakes!

Monday, September 27, 2004


i thought tis is a good article so i wan 2 save it in my blog 4 all e football fans 2 read if they missed it in soccernet. we r looking 4ward 2 e champions league tis coming wed n thurs. e big losers real madrid vs. as roma match is going 2 go LIVE. i am still considering whether 2 watch a bunch of losers playing. i wish they show barca playing LIVE, dat will definitely not waste my time.

raul finally scored after 6 months? n e last time in bilbao? dat'e e onli good news 4 e past few months 4 real. since i am a raul fan, i have no idea why he is having such a bad form 4 such a long time. wat is troubling him? shevchenko seems 2 b scoring quite abit tis early season while kaka remains veli quiet. hmmmm........rooney going 2 play? wat's so special about dat? wayne rooney is 1 over-rated player just like cisse. all e stupid hype about them being OH-SO DAMN COOL! so is cristino ronaldo, he is a piece of joke, like during euro 2004. wat is so good about tis guy? yeah, he can dribble n stuff, but e dribbles dun give any benefit 2 him or e team. he spent most of his time on e floor n asking 4 penalties n pretending 2 b injured after every tackle. i wonder why people fancy such footballers? they r just crybabies. he supposes 2 b in e forward line attacking but no, u can c him everywhere. messing up things in defence too. if u cannot defend, dun play smart n try 2 b another cannavaro. haha! another over-rated player is totti. tis guy nvr impress me. he spent most of his time having discipline problems than scoring. no respect 4 him.

kaka is different. tis guy is UNDER-RATED but i think he is much much better. so is reyes. these r players i respect. fabregas? still need 2 c more from him 2 justify anything. wait, forgot 2 say newcastle is doing fine nowadays, but they still have not been tested effectively against better opponents so i will save e praises 4 souness 4 now.

e article as below by phil ball 2 me is a good article....enjoy reading:

Whilst the Athletic Bilbao v Real Madrid match last Saturday night produced a predictable result (Athletic won), the game threw up some interesting statistics.
Santi Esquerro, the forward whose powerful header won the game for the Basques, was celebrating his first goal for the club in seven months of honest toil, and Raúl, a rather better-known forward, scored his first in the league for six months - the last time he hit the net having been in Bilbao last March, curiously enough.

The other goal was scored by Ismael Urzaiz, a burly centre-forward of the old school, a player who looks like he's stepped out of some flickering sepia film from the pre-television days - all beef and brawn and nothing fancy.

Urzaiz actually scored the goal with his foot when Raúl Bravo, allegedly a defender for Madrid, completely missed the flight of a cross from the left intended for big Ismael. It never looks quite right when this sort of player scores with his feet (it was his second such effort in five days), and it set me thinking about the whole concept of the goalscorer, and how the Spanish both view and define the phenomenon.

The Spanish have three terms for a goalscorer. The most neutral is delantero centro which simply means 'centre-forward'. The term tells you nothing about the style of the player, but merely indicates that his general function is to hang around up front. He's probably big, but not necessarily. The term which implies physical size is ariete, which translates as 'striker', or 'target-man'.

The other type of goalscorer is the buitre - literally a vulture, but which translates fairly comfortably into English as 'poacher', the six-yard man whose instincts always permit him to be in the right place at the right time. Urzaiz is an ariete, as is Madrid's Morientes, Osasuna's Aloisi, Real Sociedad's Kovacevic, Salva at Atlético Madrid, Deportivo's Pandiani and so on.
The buitres are a rarer breed, personified in the past by Butragueño and Hugo Sánchez, but in the current league perhaps only represented by Henrik Larsson and Michael Owen, both recent imports. The 'delantero centro' is a rather more complex model, and forms the focus for this week's Spanish chit-chat.

This is because the more ambiguous the role of the forward, the more successful the team seems to be, at least in Spain these days.
A good example of this is Real Sociedad. They're the side I get to watch the most of in La Liga, since they play in my home from home, San Sebastián.

For three of the last four seasons the team has flirted with relegation, with a mysterious but wonderful runners-up year slotted in-between. They're bottom of the pile again, having lost to Sevilla at the weekend. The local paper, for whom I occasionally write, publish agonised articles on a daily basis from journalists attempting to get to the bottom of the matter.
The theories point the finger at the usual suspects - poor defence, lack of bite in midfield, general lack of aggression and concentration in some of the players...and so on and so forth. The journalists also bemoan a lack of clinical finishing, a feature classically associated with struggling sides.

Successful sides always build from the back, but when it comes to failure, most analysts look at the blanks being fired by the forward line. Sociedad have a big ariete called Darko Kovacevic who has scored over 80 league goals in six seasons for the club - not a bad tally. The little Turk Nihat plays in the hole behind him, and between them they're supposed to carry the goalscoring weight. But they've dried up.

Kovacevic, particularly, appears weekly in the newspaper telling some local journalist that 'It's just a matter of time' and that he's not over-concerned with the drought. What's more important is his general contribution to the team's play - which is what strikers always say when they're not scoring.

And yet no-one in the city seems to be aware of the real problem, which is that Sociedad's whole strategy is to get the ball down the flanks and haul it across to Kovacevic, in the vague hope that he'll connect. But he rarely does, because the crosses are often poor and the opposing defenders soon learn how to cut off the lines of communication.
So Kovacevic himself drops back into the hole, stumbles about doing things he doesn't really know how to do, whilst the managers shrug their shoulders and collect their severance pay. There's no Plan B. The team knows it has a recognised goalscorer, and so the only way to win is to supply him.

He's a local hero who cannot be dropped. The guy who plays behind him in the hole depends on rebounds and errors from the opposing defenders, rather than the build-up strategy of the midfielders behind him - if, that is - the team is only looking for the big man.

These players have to be very clever and wise to succeed, and only a few of them do. Raúl, in his better days, was perhaps the supreme example, and Fernando Torres of Atlético Madrid is shaping up to be the new kid on that particular block, but it remains one of the most ill-defined roles in football and as such is buried somewhere within the description 'delantero centro'.
Why play with a 'striker' at all? Real Sociedad, for one, would be much better off without one. It certainly raises the interesting question of how the better sides do it. Look at Barcelona. Their years in the wilderness coincided with their touching but misplaced belief in Patrick Kluivert, a player who scored lots of goals, missed a lot too, but who was basically never an ariete.
Newcastle will find this out soon, and the sooner they move him back into midfield the better. Then he'll play out his career as a successful footballer.

Now that Barça have packed their own midfield with potential goalscorers (Deco, Guily, Ronaldinho, Xavi), and let Larsson (vulture) and Eto'o (hole) loose to do their thing, La Liga is quaking in its collective boots. Why? Because the danger is coming from all sides, from all angles. It hardly ever depends on a wide man getting to the byeline and sending over a hopeful cross, and more importantly, it's great to watch.

The world's two top forwards, Ronaldo and Arsenal's Henry, both wreak their particular brand of havoc by dropping off deep and running at defenders who have been deprived of the protection of the old sweeper system.

Arsenal's wonderfully vertical style of 'speed and stun' depends precisely on the absence of a centre-forward. The whole idea behind Wenger's paradigm is to deprive the opposing defence of any obvious focus for their defensive attention. Nobody knows who to mark because there is nobody to mark.

Real Madrid are struggling at the moment partly because they are not moving the ball around quickly enough - one of the reasons (apparently) for the recent bust-up. Camacho spent practically the whole of the pre-season barking at Zidane for not releasing the ball quickly enough.

The Frenchman, unused to criticism of his natural style of play, was understandably miffed - and there are those who say that this rift was the basis of Camacho's departure.
Realising that Zidane's opinion carried more weight in the dressing-room, the manager cleared his desk and walked out. But maybe he was right about Zidane.

The other point about centre-forwards is whether they can do anything else but score. Osasuna, for example, have brought in Savo Milosevic this season, to accompany the willing but messy John Aloisi up front.

Milosevic, an enigmatic nearly-man, is now playing for his sixth team in a career that has spanned fifteen seasons and five countries. He always looks a classy act, with a useful left foot and a scoring repertoire that seems to bridge all three categories of striker.

Osasuna have gone for a classic 4-4-2 formation this season, with Aloisi and Milosevic both given carte blanche to get in where it hurts and cause maximum mayhem. It's worked quite well for the first month, with the two of them sharing eight goals, but you get the sneaking feeling that it won't last, precisely because it permits no Plan B.

Milosevic scored a fantastic header to win the game against Getafe this weekend, but how they huffed and puffed. And Milosevic, for all his scoring feats, does not really believe in a limited role. Like Kluivert, he thinks there is more to his game, and becomes perennially frustrated when he is not allowed to show it. It's been the story of his career so far.

Valencia, Spain's main success story since the turn of the new century, have surely achieved what they have mainly because they have had no real strikers to depend on.

Last season, in an ironic turn of events, their top scorer turned out to be Mista, a player they had been trying to discard along with the gangling John Carew. This season, despite his heroics last year, he has been dropped to the bench in favour of a more Arsenal-type approach from Valencia's prodigal son, Claudio Ranieri.

Valencia have always preferred to share out their goalscoring duties, employing a sort of blood and thunder approach from midfield whilst preserving a strong back line. Missed ya Mista? Not so far - with Di Vaio and Vicente stepping up to do the business.
They'll turn to him through the season, of course, but the ability to mix and match the approach seems to be the key to success.

Centre-forwards? Who needs them?

Friday, September 24, 2004


e latest list released shown thierry henry 2 b e hottest property in e market, above wayne rooney, ronaldo, beckham n zidane. city firm Field Fisher Waterhouse is e company dat provides an annual list of the players deemed most desirable by international corporate giants. it is interesting 2 c how henry reigns up there now, even in front of beckham.

a mini-league of up-and-coming players and youngsters to watch in the more distant future in e market.

united's cristiano ronaldo, kaka, ac milan, juventus' swedish striker zlatan ibrahimovic, arsenal's jose reyes and roma's french defender philippe mexes.

youngsters 2 watch r: freddy adu, dc united's ghana-born 15-year-old american who signed a one-million-dollar deal with nike when he was just 14; carlos tevez, e boca juniors striker who was e star of argentina's olympic champions last month; robinho, e exciting brazilian talent who plays 4 santos; arsenal's Spanish 17-year-old sensation cesc fabregas; dong fangzhou, e teenager chinese striker signed by manchester united n now on loan at royal antwerp.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


wat happen? wat happen? suddenly e whole footballing world is in chaos becoz 2 major powers lost. ac milan n real madrid 2 b exact. liverpool had gerrard out n tis could b e turnaround of things 4 liverpool. i put liverpool on e top 5 becoz gerrard is veli important. if he is not playing, things will change.

camacho quited? dat was e biggest shock i had 4 e past few days. madrid is having a burn out? they r too old n some people claimed dat e stars in there won too much 2 have e HUNGER in them 2 carry on winning anything else. i will say they look like a bunch of lost souls who r still finding e rite tune. they better find it fast b4 it is too late. people blamed it on e dictatorship of perez. some said e players r too powerful becoz they r so galatic dat onli e managers should b blamed. it has been a de javu thingy since camacho was manager 4 onli 23 days during his 1st term as manager. garcía remón, e assistant manager took over e reign n won 1-0 on his debut match. tis guy is unheard of from me in e coaching field.

if liverpool is 2 b taken down from e top 5, i guess juventus will b e 1 2 replace them. look at their superb defence led by cannavaro n thuram. since cannavaro's arrival from inter milan, juventus have been enjoying buffon's clean sheets. there had been links of cannavaro 2 real madrid b4 e season started, i was veli upset he didn't come then. so was vieira. now, we have injured jonathan woodgate 2 b happy of since he came cheaper n younger n has a list of injury record.

e shift of power in la liga will b a battle between barca n valencia. yes, both r veli steady rite now. real madrid as mentioned above r lost souls n hunger-less. they better find themselves n get hungry or they will b end up just like last season -trophyless. barca has some slight injury problems with e addition of gabri n silvinho 2 e list but they signed alot of players n should b able 2 cover it up 4 now. still, they r firing on all cylinders.

in e other news, there had been rumours of interests of people wanting 2 buy liverpool yet again. suddenly i realized dat there r so many people wanting 2 buy liverpool but nvr really get thru. then there r news of arsene wenger keeping an eye on e performances of shaun wright-phillips as well as rooney going 2 return from injury real soon. everybody is so hyped about rooney, but not me, i think he is just using his strength n speed 2 his advantage, he doesn't seem like a natural striker 2 me. same goes 2 my view of owen, minus e strength.

n 'chelski'? well, let's put e sums spent on tis club so far. all e money r in sterling pound.
• Price he paid for club: 200 million
• Transfer fees paid last season: 121.15 million (Glen Johnson 6m, Wayne Bridge

7m, Damien Duff 17m, Njitap Geremi 7m, Juan Sebastian Veron 15m, Joe Cole
6.6m, Adrian Mutu 15.8m, Alexei Smertin 3.45m, Hernan Crespo 16.8m, Neil
Sullivan 500,000, Claude Makelele 16m, Scott Parker 10m)
• Transfer fees paid this season: 93.05 million (Paulo Ferreira 13.2m, Petr Cech

9m, Arjen Robben 12m, Mateja Kezman 5m, Tiago Mendes 10m, Didier Drogba
24m, Ricardo Carvalho 19.85m)
• Total spent: 414.2 million

from e list above, can anybody tell me wat will happen 2 mourinho if chelsea keeps on drawing games n not winning continuously thru e season? since he has a veli good reputation from his champions league record last season, wat else can save him from following ranieri's fate? blame everyone else but himself will b e way 4 any bad results achieved. when u lose, blame e referees n e opponents, 4 their lousy play, too defensive play or even luck all alone. well, if i am a manager in chelsea, i will b under tremendous pressure. i think i need 2 take depression or anxiety drugs 2 cope with e pressure. imagine people give u all e stars u can manage n wat if u dun win? it is like playing championship manager, of coz u will wan 2 coach e best players in e world.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


real sux bigtime n e defeat scoreline of 0-3 reflected dat. in addition, their playmaker zinedine zidane was injured in half time n could b out 4 3-4 weeks. dat spells more bad news. roma had an even more interesting reason 2 end e match - abandoned. reason? referee hit by object n was injured. abandoned e match becoz of e injury n becoz he feared e safety of himself n e linesmen.

liverpool won convincingly 2-0. man utd climbed from behind 2 draw 2-2 10s 2 van nistelrooy's double which i heard surpassed dennis law's goal scoring record in europe. juventus came back from amsterdam with a slim 1-0 win courtesy of a pavel nedved strike. b.munich struggled thru u get a 1-0 win. finally, deportivo despite their superior players cannot get any goals n have 2 settle 4 a draw with olympiakos.

rite until now, my top 'COULD BE' 5 most dangerous teams in e champions league has not change abit.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


e big guns win, so no upsets r seen. i watched e chelsea vs. psg match when john terry scored a header from a corner i think, i just could not take it anymore n hit my bed. haha! i was not prepared 4 e live telecast. i just stayed enuf until e end of e 1st half. 2molo morning i must prepare myself 4 e liverpool vs. monaco. i will wan 2 c how steven gerrard, luis garcia n xavi alonso play, while of coz how saviola looks like in a monaco shirt. e highlite of e nite will b e match between bayer leverkusen vs. real madrid, a rematch of e champions league final a few seasons back. rite then there were no beckham, owen, samuel n woodgate 4 real madrid, but there were lucio, ballack n ze roberto 4 leverkusen.

adriano had proven dat he is deadly even in e champions league, so better b careful of tis guy. he scored twice last nite 4 inter eventhough vieri is not having a good form. dunno how well veron played, whether he really plays better in serie a. arsenal n ac milan had a quiet nite with veli slim wins, i did not watch e matches but it seems dat they r struggling with such results against weaker opponents.

barca won n as alwiz again, guily n deco scored. argubly e best midfielders 4 both finalists monaco n porto 4 last season's champions league r both in barca, so wat do u expect? oredi a superb ronaldinho going 2 b 100% fit, n larsson scoring against his former club, barca is too dangerous 2 ignore!!! i just cannot imagine another trophyless season 4 them with tis kinda squad. but i was surprised why they wan 2 sell quaresma 2 porto. he was a fine lad last season, i thought he played really well. i just dunno wat is going on in laporta's mind.

2molo morning, expect all e big guns 2 win again....there may b room 4 some upsets.

4 now, lemme give a 1st impression of e top 'COULD BE' 5 most dangerous teams in champions league tis season:
1. fc barcelona (ronaldinho, guily, deco, larsson -SUPER GALATICOS)
2. arsenal (reyes, vieira, henry, bergkamp, fabregas & CONSISTENCY)
3. ac milan (kaka, shevy, tomasson, crespo & SOLID DEFENCE)
4. chelsea (lampard, j.cole, terry & UNLIMITED FUNDS IN BILLIONS OF DOLLARS)
5. liverpool (shocking rite? well-gerrard, xavi alonso, luis garcia-SPANISH + ENGLISH)

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


well, i will concentrate on e spanish n english league here since e italian league is pretty quiet tis season in terms of transfers.

1st of coz, let's look at real madrid. perez had finally realized dat their defence sux so much n purchased samuel n woodgate. was quite sad dat they failed 2 get vieira. now why do they need another striker? n loan out portillo? stupid decision, i will rather have portillo in e squad n use him more often than relying on a player who has onli speed as his main advantage, yet slowing down more nowadays.

well, not even me condemning e purchase of owen. figo too said it was not necessary. i guess e onli reason dat real wanted him was his cheap pricetag. i guess dat was e onli temptation, i dun c him as having much market pulling power like beckham. anywayz, suddenly real r crazy of english players. they r looking at steven gerrard next. k, i will think steven gerrard is much more an interesting player than beckham or owen. but becoz beckham has marketing power, expecially in asia, real r forced 2 play him as much as possible. there r rumours of him coming 2 madrid in e jan transfers. oh well.....

now, let's look at barca. they r growing ferociously in strength just by looking at e amount of good players they bought tis season. namely guily n deco as both performed extremely well during e last champ league campaign. with ronaldinho going 2 b healed real soon, barca can just get stronger. n a few more brazilians at e back, they look like a solid side. i can surely feel dat they can beat real madrid anytime in e league with their squad which is generally younger, fresher n more consistent. unless something happen along e way down e season, if e players r having their forms, no serious problems with suspensions n injuries, they will go far. e biggest injury problem they have now is on motta who may b out 4 6 months.

next, arsenal....they r still unbeaten n steady on e top of e league. they look veli consistent n veli stable. they can go on unbeatable unless something happened. now i will c onli luck will prevent e record 2 continue 4ever. many commented dat their new jersey design sux. i was at e stores e other day 2 buy a shevchenko gold lettering n number ac milan jersey n i saw e jersey close n personal. it really is disgusting n bad design. but let's focus on reyes. he has been scoring alot of goals just like gerrard had 4 liverpool 4 e opening few matches. of coz e fascination of e public with e performances of fibreglass, i mean fabregas. hehe! he seems 2 b e new talent dat fascinated e public since rooney, reyes, c.ronaldo n kaka. we shall c how well tis young lad will go.

newcastle, they bought kluivert. well, not literally since barca still pay some of his wages n loan him over. it is kinda complicated but it seems like barca just wan 2 get rid of him. dunno how much e same 4 saviola. so far, he scored some goals, still need 2 show his ability more. then of coz e problem of positions arising 2 people like dyer n bellamy. then alan shearer started in e bench n straight away sir bobby robson was sacked. same like how ruud gullit had his fate e same way in e past. graeme souness came 2 replace him from blackburn. dunno how e season will go 4 newcastle, hopefully things will go on smoothly.

man utd seems 2 have alot of injury problems n had been drawing many games now. they need 2 get back 2 their winning ways if they r gonna give arsenal a good chase. rooney is still injured but i oredi seen his man utd jersey on sale in e market. i dunno how well will he b in e line up with saha, van nistelrooy n c.ronaldo. then there is e announcement of e expansion of their stadium 2 75,000 seats which will definitely b good news 4 more income.

liverpool is going spanish as real is going english. with luis garcia n xabi alonso. of coz becoz of e influence of new manager replacing houllier dat is benitez. i alwiz fancy xavi alonso but luis garcia seems 2 b in e limelight now with steven gerrard. good 4 liverpool, so far milan baros is still quite quiet after returning from a successful euro2004 outing. also with cisse in front, liverpool suddenly look quite solid, even without michael owen, whom i dun really fancy at all.

guess dat's all i wan 2 talk about. chelsea is not really loud tis season in e transfer market so i will just drop dat issue n c how far they will go. apart from mourinho bringing in some players from his former squad, nothing much can b talked about. with mutu not moving away n crespo now in inter.

champions league will start soon so e focus will b there tis week. i will talk more in e coming days. e watch 4 other players will b e 1s who returned hot from copa america, namely adriano in inter. tis dude just keep on scoring n dat spells trouble 4 europe's elite clubs. so is luis fabiano, e sao paulo striker who just signed 4 porto recently will b interesting 2 watch as well!

Saturday, September 11, 2004


who is shevchenko anywayz? when i 1st heard his name, i have problem pronouncing it, not 2 mention spelling it. he is from ukraine n plays 4 ac milan. if i'm not mistaken, he was from dynamo kiev. he is a striker who is quite deadly in front, dribbles well, reacts fast, run fast n veli tall n can do headers. he also plays like an attacking midfield, sometimes attacking from e midfield all e way 2 e goal. he is in conclusion a complete striker.

i managed 2 grab e new season home jersey in queenstown, singapore. e highlite of tis new jersey will b e golden lettering n numbering. e name of e player is printed straight instead of in an arch form like e previous seasons. so u can imagine a name long enuf like shevchenko or v.nistelrooy will cover almost e whole width of e jersey. of coz 4 v.nistelrooy, if man utd also adopt e same design.

e cutting design is exactly like e new season real madrid jersey. they look almost identical, expecially e bottom of e sleeves n collar design. i double checked n both addidas jerseys r made in portugal. they feel lite compare 2 e previous season fabrics. addidas commented dat e real madrid jersey is about 12% lighter than the former kit, featuring a better ventilation 10s 2 e Layer Dynamic System, as well as facilitating the expulsion of sweat. dunno wat e fabric is made of but it sounds veli CHIM n DEEP 2 me, hehe!

e 3 lines of addidas at e sleeves end up with a sharp arrow like head dat didn't end 2 e edge of it. same design like e new real madrid jersey. actually i wan 2 get a kaka champions league jersey but e shop said e print will not b available yet. so wait i shall have 2 do.......i try it on n it was really extremely lite compare 2 my raul jersey 2-3 seasons back.

another big feature of e jersey will b e red n black lines will fade into total black at e bottom of it. it looks kinda nice from afar but not really from close. i feel dat it looks rather erm.....rough, like a big patch of black liquid just got stained on it, soya sauce? yew! hehe! but anywayz, e lettering n numbering r really nice, e golden effect looks beautiful on e red n black background. e no.7 has a slight cut at its top rite hand corner compare 2 last season design. it makes it feel more fluid n organic. i think it looks cooler overall. ac milan also change back e big ad in front 2 OPEL from MERIVA from last season alone.

4 those who wan more info on how 2 purchase jerseys, e company, weston has a website actually. here it is: