Sunday, December 31, 2006


Guys, here's my wish for a great and prosperous year ahead! Best wishes and may your new year be filled with happiness, wealth, health and luck!

My wishes is smooth sailing for all of you.

2006 has been an average year for me. Nothing to shout about.

What is your new year resolution? For me, I want to finish writing my thesis this mid year and get a decent job afterwards!

Here's some latest photos taken with wife at Carl's Jr. They have huge burgers!

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Enjoy the countdown! Hope you guys have a memorable and enjoyable one!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Have a blessed and merry Christmas everyone!

May the spirit of giving as well as the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Christ be reminded and remembered!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Let's face it, this is one of the best films I have watched for a long time. A thriller that plays with space and time. Spent too much into the technology stuffs (sci-fi) but still a lot of great action and suspense to balance up. I love the 3D camera technology that can view the past. The shots for the whole movie were done nicely. You will just love all those angles. Of course some of the technology aspects are beyond sense or belief but let's leave that to each and everyone of us to imagine at the end of the day. Yes, I am talking about time travel. Many theories involved up to this very day.

Well, watch it! It may not be as great as Man on Fire but anything with Denzel Washington cannot become a bad movie.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


First of all, almost everyone in the world claimed that Cannavaro bribed the journalists who voted for him for the Ballon D'Or. Now, probably the same people will claim that all the captains and coaches of all the international football countries are being bribed for the award of the FIFA World Player.

This proves one thing. Many football fans on this planet only support football for specific reasons - they are blinded by the players they support and club they support. As long as the players awarded are not from the club they support, they just won't accept it. Many football fans in this world are extremely bias. I saw how Cannavaro performed in the World Cup and acknowledged how perfect his display was eventhough he was still with Juventus. I was going nuts at how he played perfectly during the whole tournament. To me, if you did perform, no matter what club you play for, you will always get my respect and mention. No matter how big you are, if you play dirty, you have to be condemned. Simple as that.

When I read through all those negative comments against Cannavaro, I just have to shake my head to see all those extreme hatred shown by these football fans. They just really cannot accept a player who performed well. Let's face it, most football fans or almost everybody prefer to support goal scoring players like Ronaldinho, Zidane or Henry. Probably that's another reason.

Cannavaro, Congratulations! Won the Ballon d'Or (Golden Ball) as European Footballer of the Year, World Soccer Magazine's Player of the Year and now the FIFA World Player of the Year. I am glad at least all the coaches and captains of the international teams acknowledge your great play. At least I am proven not to be blind and an extreme bias football fan.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


The amount of people going to the concert was so many that we needed to skip the bus twice to be able to squeeze in for the third one, which was still fully loaded. We reached the stadium to find out that our side seats had been upgraded to the closer and lower range because our initial seats were blocked by speakers. Great! We paid less to get better seats!

Sandy sang all the best songs she has in her collection. At one point, she even asked the fans whether they were satisfied with all the song selections for the night. She even enquired whether we had heard all the songs we wanted to hear coming to the concert. Haha! When she got too many bouquets of flowers, she commented she can start opening a florist shop........She even asked us whether one of her dresses is nice looking. You could tell she is very down to earth and you don't feel the sense of her being arrogant being a superstar.

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The stadium was almost fully seated. The atmosphere was nice. The speaker system was nice. The crowd were great. You can see that her fans represent people from all age groups. You can tell easily that her songs appeal people from any generation. The lighting effects were nice. The fireworks and all the nice effects were great. The showmanship was good too. I am sure everyone in the stadium paying for the tickets are satisfied with the performance.

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Sandy has a very powerful voice. She seems so effortless to hit all the high pitch of her songs. The ease to just release such powerful voice without opening her mouth much is really incredible. We easily compared the strong voice to A-Mei. I did record 3 of her best songs in video. Even in the video, the voice is still so crystal clear and powerful. Amazing. Well, the best thing was when she sang all her songs, it is like a trip back memory lane. You remembered the years gone by since your primary school days all the way till now. I remembered all those years since young when her songs are sang in karaoke sessions. Well, I feel extremely old. It seems like she's been around forever!

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Some of her costumes were weird though. The funny thing is when she is not wearing dresses, she can be so rough and crazy! Haha! As she changed into dresses, she became so gentle and soft. The transformation is just so drastic. :)

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It was a great night of many songs sang. From 8:30pm to 11pm she sang in Cantonese, Chinese and English. All of them she sang with fluency as I was surprised by her good command of English. I will definitely remember this concert from all of those I had attended in the past. No regrets hearing songs live from one of the best voices in Asia. After hearing her live, I believe you will only understand how much better her voice is against all those new singers whom can't even reach half of what her voice can. The only other person I heard live with such a powerful voice is Siti Nurhaliza.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


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Well, I hope it will be a good one. It will be held at the same venue where I watched the Notre Dame de Paris musical a few weeks back. It is the first time I watched a musical in French with subtitles at the screens beside the stage. I will review it when I have the time.

It is December, I am in the holiday mood so I will hardly update. You guys have fun!