Wednesday, December 29, 2004


dudes, i am currently on holiday in kk! on e day of e tsunami + earthquake attack, i was in e sea going 2 e 5 islands on e north of kk. luckily nothing happened over e ocean here! or else, i wun b able 2 type anything here anymore! 10 God 4 dat! phew! we were having fun shouting as our motorboat went 2 all e 5 islands! when we were back n heard e news, we were really shocked!

hope none of u were at e scenes over e many countries dat suffered from e attack! God bless e victims, e families & e relatives of e dead!

i have no internet usage here apart from onlining in e public library now! wah! malaysia won e match against indonesia in e tiger cup semifinals last nite eh? not bad, hope they can win e cup tis time around! i shall update myself on footie news when i get back sibu! i am totally clueless wat is happening in e footie world rite now!

i shall b back in sibu by 1st jan latest! hope i get a flight since i am on standby.

Friday, December 17, 2004


Real Madrid v Juventus
Porto v Internazionale
Barcelona v Chelsea
Werder Bremen v Lyon
Liverpool v Bayer Leverkusen
PSV Eindhoven v Monaco
Manchester United v Milan
Bayern Munich v Arsenal

e matches in bold r so EXPLOSIVE i cannot find a reason why i will miss them other than e tv sponsors r too stingy 2 spend money 2 buy e matches LIVE! barca vs. chelsea will b a test of e best in europe........i will certainly believe tis 2 b e top of e bill!

expect real madrid 2 suffer in e match against juventus. juventus defensive record is too great & dat spells trouble 4 real madrid's toothless attack. man utd will need 2 control e midfield & mark shevy really tight if they r thinking of challenging mighty milan. bayern munich have a roller coaster form but it will b a challenge between henry & makaay, 2 veli respected & prolific strikers feared in europe.

these mouth watering clashes will surely b wat footie fans r waiting 4. i can't hardly wait! feb 22? my goodness! dat's too far away! i can't hardly wait!!!


well dudes, how's it going back here in m'sia? hope everything is going on great. i just arrived back 2 sibu late yesterday morning. enjoyed my trip 2 south korea. learnt alot & was another great experience gained. e tour guide i followed was a south korean lady who studied mandarin. she told me her command of e chinese characters reaches around 30,000. dat's not bad! she speaks fluent mandarin & u will have no idea dat she is a south korean at 1st.

i took about 600 over shots & i wun mind sharing most of e shots if possible. i also still owe u guys e complete shots from e singapore motorshow. i will put both photo collections up b4 i leave 4 kk. i managed 2 buy some south korean "GREAT" books & surely will b able 2 compete with mametek with his eurotrip "GREAT" books dat he brought back. hehehe! i shall b leaving 4 kk around 20th dec 2004 & probably b back on new year's day.

i managed 2 get oscar 2 cans of korean coke cans. original coke & diet coke. so oscar, do u wan me 2 send them over 2 ur home in sibu? will share about e whole trip in my next few posts. hope u guys will like it.

as 4 footie, i onli managed 2 get news thru cnn as well as e 2 english newspapers in korea - e korean herald & korean times. i was surprised with e bomb threat in madrid. also e allegations of henry taking e freekick too early in e match against chelsea. of coz, e news of shevy winning e france football magazine’s award, e Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball). e latest news will b about gronkjaer moving from birmingham 2 atletico madrid. i managed 2 watch some tiger cup matches! haha! they showed it live in korea. damn! some smaller news will b morientes going 2 liverpool, joaquin 2 chelsea & edu 2 other clubs after failing negotiations 4 a new contract with arsenal.

Friday, December 10, 2004


yo dudes! i am in everland,south korea rite now. using e free internet access sponsored by samsung in their shop in e theme park. hope u guys r enjoying urself back home with footie. i heard ronaldinho is named world soccer magazine's player of e year! yeah, i think he deserves it, he is really good! he is a legend in e making now!

i arrived in south korea early tis morning at around 8am korean time. south korean time is 1 hour later than malaysian time, which is GMT+9. tis is my 1st visit just after arriving e airport. i had taken some shots, it is around 9 degree celcius rite now. hopefully it will stay dat way. it can go down minus 0 degree easily if e weather gets bad. i arrived in e same plane as menteri besar kedah. there is a reception with a big banner awaiting his arrival. i guess those with him were his family members. there were 2 sexy tall korean chicks giving them flowers. woh!

korean chicks r not bad, but i heard most gone thru plastic surgery. so u r looking at fake beauty. sigh! i will share more when i get back. i hope e visit is a good 1. signing off now, bye bye from korea!

Thursday, December 09, 2004


we r going into e knock-out stages. there r many dull matches since most clubs who have oredi qualified played e matches with most of their reserves. e real madrid match was an even more funny match with onli i guess journalists & representatives of both clubs sitting in e stadium. e giant empty stadium seems so dead dat e whistle of e referee will create echoes all over e place. e players have no fans 2 motivate them & thus it feels like a friendly training match. roma will not qualify no matter e outcome of e match so they r putting down onli 3 1st team players. raul failed 2 find his 50th european club goal. when e players score goals, they have 2 clap by themselves & it was surely funny.

liverpool match is far more exciting. everyone including me will think dat they r going out since rivaldo scored from a freekick. he was ever present & threatening e liverpool goal many times. liverpool hit e post, had 2 goals disallowed & i was wondering how bad luck could haunt them yet again. but as e clock ticked 2 e end, pongolle & mellor inclusion saw goals from both. liverpool needed 2 win by 2 goals at least after hearing e result from deportivo. gerrard finally put dat doubt into reality with a beautiful strike outside e penalty box.

btw dudes, i will b going 2 south korea 4 a week's tour. then 2 kk for another week plus holiday. i will try 2 share my experience here so tis site will have some personal stuff of myself. until then, enjoy football! tis weekend big matches will b:

1. everton vs. liverpool
2. arsenal vs. chelsea

Saturday, December 04, 2004


chelski as most of u call them r on top of e epl. they r now e favs. i c 3 veli nice players in chelski who r performing really well. robben, lampard & duff - left winger, central midfielder & rite winger. they r 2 me e reason 4 e rise of chelski now! they r just exciting 2 watch!

newcastle will b without captain shearer. they will b playing away. they played quite well 4 their last epl match against everton but they were so damn unlucky 2 hit e posts & uprite dat i have no excuses of their bad luck 2 find e net after bellamy scored a wonderful goal.

there r some veli weird news i heard tis week. ryan giggs 2 newcastle? as well as gabriel batistuta 2 barca? these r veli shocking news dat make no sense 2 me.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


interesting 2 c who will they field 2nite. arsenal u may all say having revenge 4 tis match. i will try 2 catch tis match. it is on around 3 something am! damn! need 2 wake up early again! sux! will arsenal take tis match as a turnabout for their bad spell? vieira is suspended so dat will b a big blow. arsenal have injury worries as well as players who r not 100% fit.

hope 4 a great match. hopefully tis time, there will b no pizzas or soup or silly tackles & fights. i wish 4 a fair match with no controversial decisions where referees r blind when e penguin tackles!