Friday, February 16, 2007


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The year of the boar is coming!

All the best and a fruitful year ahead blessed with fortune, prosperity, luck, wealth, health and lotsa happiness!

Enjoy yourselves and all the best for the great year ahead!

The price of airtickets going back to Sibu especially from KL are so expensive that it is ridiculous to fly at all. I was forced to check at the very last minute because of the late release of results of teachers transfer late last year in November. AirAsia now has monopoly over some routes and I find airticket pricing to be no longer as cheap as before even if I checked months earlier. They have no competition so there you go. Now not everyone can fly!

I am off to Penang tonight on a coach and be there from first day to fourth day of Chinese New Year. Then I will head over to KL until the weekend. This will probably be my last long rest before an assault of my thesis writing until midyear.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well, my first ever job interview was on Friday the 13th after I finished my undergraduate studies. Then today I went for a job interview during Valentine's Day, few months before I am graduating. Well, I wonder why I always have funny interview dates.

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The interview was alright. They asked me excessive questions for an hour and I failed to answer two questions. I don't believe I know everything in the whole wide world. Anyway, the interview was arranged the day before today so I was hardly prepared for it.

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I went to Singapore to celebrate Valentine's Day with my beloved for the first time. You don't want to celebrate Valentine's Day in Singapore unless you are ready to spend excessively for bears, flowers, balloons, cakes and all kinds of giant gifts. Wherever you walk, you will see something bigger and better than what you give your other half! You will compare their luxury gifts with yours. Dammit!

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Well, we ended up dining at Cafe Cartel. It is not a planned dinner location but because it is nearby my interview place. They are famous for their St.Louis pork ribs. I had steak this time with some chicken wings. The chicken wings are undercooked and the steak is so-so.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


You guys won't believe what I am doing on Valentine's Day!

Not even in my wildest dreams have I believed that I will be doing it! Guess!

Here's wishing you guys a good time taking out your love ones dating! Enjoy yourselves!


Sunday, February 11, 2007


It is weird for me to ask for David Beckham to start a match. I was more sad of how he is treated. He deserves much better treatment than that. Real require some experience in the squad as well as they have so many injury worries for the last few weeks. Beckham is not injured and sensibly he should be given a chance.

When he was finally given the chance to feature after 2 defeats in a row had given Capello a lot of pressure, Beckham took the opportunity tremendously well. He scored an equalizer with his free kick and helped a alot in the intense battle in the midfield. I hope the squad can stabilize and perform much better, especially at the front. It is about time the new signings like Gago and Higuain score some goals. I also urge Capello to give more deserving players to start. Raul is a good example of an underperforming player who gets the automatic start. That causes the team a lot of wasted opportunities to score. Please Capello!!! Real Sociedad are quite weak so this win is nothing to shout about. I just hope it is not another one off wonder and dies off immediately after that.

Finally, Naruto fillers are over! FINALLY! After all these years!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


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My Shanghai friend, Max is leaving today to Hong Kong to do his research work in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology . He had finished writing his real estate PhD paper and awaiting for examination in a few months' time. We managed to snap a shot together before he leaves with his wife this afternoon.

Left to Right: Me, Roni (Indonesian fellow architecture research friend), Flora (Max's wife), Max Li Yun and Huiyong (from Beijing doing real estate research as well).